Parineeti 27th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 27th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 27th May 2023 episode starts with Rakesh urging Pari to come with him so they can create a new world where he, Pari, and their baby will live.

He announces excitedly that he has already decided on the names of their unborn baby, if it’s a girl it will be named “Munni” and if it’s a boy it will be named “Munna”.

Rakesh then starts dragging Pari as he does not want to stay away from her any longer while Pari begs Rakesh to let her go.

As Gurpreet keeps a tight hold on Pari yelling at Rakesh for trying to force Pari, Rajeev comes forward to push Rakesh away from Pari.

Rajeev twists Rakesh’s hand while he stands behind Rakesh’s back but Rakesh soon comes out of Rajeev’s grip very easily.

Pari and Gurinder pull Rajeev back as they don’t want Rajeev to get harmed when Rakesh picks up the champagne bottle to attack Rajeev in rage.

He even orders Pari not to call their baby someone else when Pari announces that this baby belongs to Sanju and Neeti.

At the same time, Neeti comes forward, asking Rakesh if he has any proof that Pari has invited him home and Rakesh shows everyone the SMS that is an invitation from Pari.

The SMS writes Pari has faked her illness so Rakesh can come home so they spend some time alone and celebrate.

Once Rakesh is done reading the text, Pari tries to make everyone understand that she does not know how the SMS has been sent.

Rakesh questions Pari about how long will she keep denying inviting him since he has all the proofs.

Neeti and Bebe's smirk standing there as they recall how Neeti was the one who sent Rakesh the text using Pari’s phone. Neeti urges Chandrika, Gurinder, Parminder, and Gurpreet to come with her for a discussion.

When Neeti is alone with them, Neeti suggests that Pari should give an “Agnipariksha” which confuses Parminder.

Parminder asks Neeti about what she means and Neeti clarifies that Pari should take a D.N.A. test to prove that it is her and Sanju’s baby.

Gurinder takes Pari’s side by announcing that it is not needed as everyone knows the baby belongs to Sanju and Neeti.

However, Neeti makes everyone understand that she is Pari’s childhood best friend yet she cannot be sure that Pari is hundred percent so it is better to get the test done.

Afterward, when Neeti urges Pari to get the D.N.A. test done, Pari denies it since everyone knows it is Neeti’s baby only.

Rajeev also arrives there, stating he does not want Pari to get the D.N.A. test done so Neeti cunningly announces that if they let Rakesh go without taking any actions then everyone outside the Bajwa house will question Pari’s dignity.

Pari agrees to the test as she wants to shut Rakesh’s mouth and Rajeev takes her with him.

After Rajeev and Pari walk away, Neeti reveals to Bebe that she will buy the doctor to manipulate the test results.

Meanwhile, Rakesh teases the whole Bajwa family with his constant pleading to get Pari and as Pari arrives with Rajeev and Neeti, Rakesh scolds them for not packing Pari’s luggage.

Rakesh’s smile vanishes as Pari announces that they are getting a D.N.A. test done but he calms down after Neeti signals him with her eyes.

After Rakesh, Pari, Neeti, and Rajeev leave for the hospital, Gurpreet tells everyone that it is very easy to make fake locks of the doors nowadays.

Chandrika also makes everyone understand that it can be possible that someone has sent the abortion text from Gurpreet’s phone.

Gurpreet gets confused upon hearing this while Parminder urges everyone to drop it.

In the hospital, Rakesh teases Rajeev for getting angry at him since he loves looking at Pari.

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