Parineeti 27th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 27th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti coming to the room where Bebe has locked Neha and tries to manipulate Neha by giving her chocolates but Neha says that she will complain to her mother.

After that, Neeti tries to become sweet in front of her and offers her chocolates to eat after which she becomes unconscious then Neeti asks Bebe what they should do with her.

On the other hand, Pammi asks Gurinder to answer her questions correctly which she is asking after which Gurinder has fun with her and says that she will not r.

Gurinder starts laughing and says that she is making a joke after that Amit also comes there and asks her to not create chaos in Rajeev's life then Gurinder says that she will do whatever she wants with her son.

Meanwhile, Rajveer comes to the room where Bebe and Neeti are there and Amit also comes there after that they ask her what was she doing there then she lies to him that she was correcting Neeti's dupatta.

Then, Rajveer asks Amit to bring the file from the almirah after which Bebe does drama of twisting her leg and she asks Amit to look after it and asks Neeti to give the file to Rajveer.

Neeti shivers as she has kept Neha inside the almirah while Rajveer asks her if she is not able to find the file Pari tells Rajeev that she will maintain distance from Rajeev till he is Neeti's husband.

Rajeev becomes shocked to hear it and asks her why is she doing such things then Pari says that every relationship has a limit and she goes to see Pari.

Bebe flips after seeing Pari over there and says that Rajveer instead of seeing the guest is wasting his time over here after which Rajveer says that Bebe is backing off from her words.

Pari takes Bebe's side and says that she is right and she sends Rajveer from there while Monty meets Rajeev and suggests an idea to kidnap Pari and take her away from there so that she can forget of marrying him with Neeti.

Meanwhile, Pammi comes there and says that she will also support them in this plan so that they can defeat Neeti in her plan whereas Neeti lies to Pari that Neha is playing hide and seek with Amit that's why she has closed her eyes.

Pari believes in her and goes from there while Gurinder asks Pandit ji to begin the engagement Pammi asks Rajeev and Monty to think of an idea for how to kidnap Pari while Bebe tells Gurinder that Neeti killed Pari's child by pushing her in well.

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