Parineeti 28th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 28th April 2023 episode starts with Rajeev telling everyone that Pari is not picking up her phone.

Looking at Rajeev’s worried face, Parminder advises him to reach the hospital as soon as possible and Rajeev nods his head.

He, however, does not get the chance to drive anymore as the police officer stops him saying that a political rally is going to start soon so the Bajwa family gets out of the car to request the police officer to let them go.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet begs Matarani’s idol to shower Pari with happiness since Pari always suffers in her relationships despite giving her everything.

Whereas the police officer strictly denies Rajeev permission to drive through this road, Rajveer also whispers into Parminder’s ears that they will reach the hospital very late if they take another route.

Rajeev then suggests everyone walk so they can take a taxi from the next stop and Parminder hopes someone knocks some sense into Pari’s.

Neeti also comes to stand behind Rajeev, commenting that they will contact another surrogate mother since Pari has backstabbed them but Rajeev does not say anything about this.

On the other hand, Bebe eagerly awaits the hospital’s news with happiness radiating.

She starts laughing as she thinks she has used Neeti as a pawn because Neeti does not realize she is killing her baby out of jealousy.

Bebe also states that today, Neeti is going to lose her baby and her best friend so now her mission to break the Bajwa family is going to complete.

She then picks up the photo of the Bajwa family yelling that Sulochana only thinks about herself and that’s why she will make sure Neeti also faces taunting in the Bajwa family.

In the hospital, Rajeev questions the receptionist about Pari as soon as he reaches the hospital and the receptionist informs him that Pari’s abortion is done already.

He starts screaming at the receptionist for letting Pari get the abortion done since Pari is carrying his and Neeti's baby yet they haven't given their consent.

Pari herself is lying in the OT bed, feeling a pit forming in her stomach as she can sense that a black shadow has fallen over the baby yet she cannot pinpoint the cause of it.

She calms herself down, saying that she is here for the test to make sure Rajeev and Neeti's baby is well otherwise, she will never be able to forgive herself.

Meanwhile, Neeti gives Bebe the good news of Pari's abortion which makes Bebe mock Neeti in her head for being gullible and she orders Neeti to give her an update once she returns home.

Rajeev on the other hand enters the OT with furious anger and he pushes Pari away harshly when she tries to hug him, yelling that Pari has ruined his trust.

Neeti is watching this drama from outside with an evil grin, thinking this baby was causing a rift between her and Rajeev so it needed to go but her excitement soon dies as the doctor Maya informs her that Pari's abortion is not done yet.

She frantically calls Bebe to ask for advice and Bebe reminds Neeti about the proof they have against Pari.

Later, when Pari returns home, Rajeev and Bebe both shout at Pari for trying to kill the baby despite her making it clear that the doctor asked her to come.

Neeti, however, plays the role of a beloved friend who cannot hear anything against her best friend Pari.

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