Parineeti 28th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th August 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 28th August 2023 episode starts with the nurse and Shambhu walking away while Neeti stares at them intensely.

Bebe puts a hand on Neeti's shoulder which brings Neeti out of her thoughts and both of them start following the nurse and Shambhu.

Meanwhile, the doctors rush Rajeev to a different emergency room for another surgery which scares Pari, Chandrika, and Monty so Pari starts running after Rajeev.

She notices that Rajeev's hand suddenly falls as he gets dragged on a stretcher while Pari urges the doctors to stop in a worried voice.

Pari grabs Rajeev's hand, looking at him anxiously and the doctors take Rajeev into the emergency room, shutting the door with a thud while like a faithful wife Pari breaks down in tears.

Chandrika tries to console Pari but Pari just urges Chandrika to call Parminder to inform her that Rajeev's health condition has deteriorated.

In Bajwa's house, Pariminder begs Matarani's idol to indicate if Rajeev's arrival at the same spot was just coincident or something else, adding that she hopes her children do not suffer any longer.

At the same time, Gurinder approaches Parminder with a grim look, muttering that Pari is the dark spirit in the house who keeps causing pain to Rajeev.

She announces that due to Pari her son suffers always yet Parminder simply orders Gurinder to shut her mouth because Rajeev has just done his duty as husband and father by saving Pari.

Parminder then walks away from there while Gurinder promises herself that once Pari returns from the hospital, she will send Pari back to her maternal home.

In the meantime, Neeti and Bebe follow Shambhu and the nurse through the hospital hallway when Neeti notices that Rajeev's hospital bed is empty.

She frantically enters the room to look around for Rajeev while Bebe creates a hypothetical situation about how Rajeev must have gotten his consciousness back and got discharged.

In Bebe's dreamland, Pari has taken sick Rajeev out on a date where they are spending time together but Neeti refuses to buy this idea so the nurse suggests that they check at the reception.

The receptionist informs Neeti that Rajeev has been shifted into another emergency room for surgery which makes Neeti desperate yet Bebe does not let Neeti go check on Rajeev because killing Pari is more important.

Whereas, Pari cups the diya in the hospital temple in her hands, pleading with Matarani to kill her, instead of Rajeev because he deserves to live his life fully.

Just then, Chandrika arrives there and urges Pari to stop this madness when a flower from Matarani's feet falls near Pari's hand which signifies that Rajeev is out of danger.

Looking at the flower, Pari happily claims that now the death threat is hanging over her head but Rajeev is no more in danger.

Monty, however, reveals that the crane was not an accident but a murder plan as someone wants to kill Pari while Pari requests Monty and Chandrika to keep this truth hidden for now.

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