Parineeti 28th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th January 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th January 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 28th January 2023 episode starts with Vishal getting worried since neither Pari nor Rajiv is picking up his calls.

Meanwhile, Pari is at the mobile shop asking if her phone is fixed or not.

She hurriedly takes the phone from the shopkeeper and switches on the phone as she sees many calls from Vishal.

She wonders what has happened since it is very bad if Vishal has called her this many times.

On the other hand, Neeti manages to enter the wedding venue while Vishal is hiding thinking that he has to stay away from Neeti's eyes at any cost.

However, Neeti comes in front of him and starts rebuking him in front of everyone while Vishal keeps on trying to calm her.

Neeti humiliates him saying that he is a coward to marry Pari when he does not love her and is betraying her by marrying someone else.

Vishal gets worried that Jigyasa will dump him while Neeti says that she will let the police handle this situation.

However, before she can call anyone, Vishal drags her inside the storage room, where Neeti picks up Pari's call and tells her to come to the banquet hall.

Before they can talk anymore, Vishal disconnects the call as Pari rushes towards the venue wishing that Neeti has not seen Vishal.

While Pari reaches the hall and calls Neeti, Leo (a goon after Pari) also comes there and drags her to the side corner before she can ask anyone for help.

He points a gun at her forehead but Pari manages to escape by hitting him in the feet with her sandal.

She locks the door from outside while Leo sees her escaping from the window and smirks thinking that he will get her.

Meanwhile, Pari calls Rajeev and tells him to come to the venue as soon as possible as Neeti has possibly caught Vishal.

Rajeev gets worried as he tells the taxi driver to drive fast.

Elsewhere, Vishal tries to explain to Neeti that she is going to regret what she is doing once she learns the truth.

Neeti keeps on shouting at Vishal telling him that he should have divorced Pari before marrying someone else.

Vishal gets frustrated and tries to leave the room telling Neeti to accept that he is going to marry Jigyasa.

Neeti tries to stop him but he accidentally pushes her away making her fall to the ground.

She cries out in pain while Pari hears it and rushes towards the door where the noise came from.

She runs inside the room and tries to console a crying Neeti who is withering in pain holding her stomach.

Rajeev reaches the venue and calls Pari who tells him to come inside immediately.

Rajeev gets worried seeing them and takes Neeti in his hands as they rush towards the car.

Vishal feels guilty for bringing Neeti in pain while Leo sees them going and thinks that they won't get far from him.

As the car leaves, Vishal thinks that whatever happened, he shouldn't have pushed Neeti.

Pari tries to comfort Neeti l while Leo overtakes their car and stops them in the middle.

Rajeev gets out of the car while Leo tells him that none of his victims can get away alive and starts fighting with him.

Rajeev and Leo fight while Pari shouts for help while feeling guilty for putting Neeti and Rajeev in this situation.

She thinks that she has to do something and gets out of the car where she picks up a metal rod lying nearby.

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