Parineeti 28th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 28th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev scolding Neeti and saying that from today she will not interact with Parvati while Neeti wonders how can he say such things to her.

Afterward, Pari comes over there and asks Rajeev to explain to Neeti to mind her words otherwise she will cancel her meetings with him and say that Neeti is ill-mannered.

Then, Pari goes from there while Rajeev agrees to Pari that he will look after Neeti and asks Neeti to not say anything to Parvati.

Neeti goes into her room and murmurs that she will not let Pari succeed in her plan whereas Parvati goes back to the house and finds Ambika waiting for her over there.

She asks her why is she waking up late then Ambika says that she will never leave her alone in any situation as she knows the pain of a daughter and she knows that she loves her family.

Ambika says that she knows why she left her purse over there whereas Amit goes to Rajeev's room and says that Parvati is only Pari after that Rajeev says that she is not Pari as if she was Pari then she would have come close to him after seeing her.

Rajeev says that if Pari was alive then she would come to meet him and tell him what has happened with her whereas Neeti secretly overhears his conversation with Amit and she becomes worried.

Neeti goes back to her room and panics while Bebe comes over there and asks her what happened after that Neeti tells her that Rajeev is thinking about Pari till now.

She says that she will do something to divert Rajeev's attention from Pari whereas Pari meets Daai Maa and tells her that she did wrong by leaving her purse in Bajwa's house.

Rajeev murmurs that he will make his mindset and does not consider Parvati as Pari whereas Pari tells Daai maa that she will do anything to bring Neeti's reality in front of everyone.

Pari says that she hasn't come back to go back to Rajeev's life but she will change the game this time and send Neeti behind bars in an attempt to murder the case.

Daai maa asks Parvati what is she saying after that Parvati says that she will do anything to bring Neeti's reality in front of everyone whereas Neeti tells Bebe that Pari has done everything cleverly to come and meet Babli while Pari murmurs that she will not let Neeti succeed in her bad intentions.

On the next day, Rajeev gets ready for a meeting while Neeti asks Daljeet to keep his eyes on Rajeev and not let him go close to Parvati.

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