Parineeti 28th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 28th May 2023 episode starts with Rajeev telling the doctor that they want the D.N.A. test result very soon.

The doctor replies that he understood Rajeev’s requirements so Rajeev does not need to worry any longer.

Rajeev and Pari walk out of the room after hearing this and when they meet Neeti outside in the hall, Rajeev urges Neeti to come with them since the job is done here.

Neeti denies it, stating that she will return later as she has some work to do here while Rajeev keeps urging her to come with them.

Looking at Rajeev, Neeti thinks to herself that she needs to talk to the doctor about the report so she cannot go with them.

She further irritatingly requests Rajeev and Pari to listen to her for once and Rajeev agrees to let Neeti stay.

At the same time, Rakesh comes out of the hospital room to stand beside Neeti who tells Rakesh that he does not need to worry as she is here to do the arrangements.

Pari and Rajeev suddenly turn around, making Neeti yell at Rakesh so she can pretend that she is against Rakesh.

Afterward, when Pari, Rajeev, and Rakesh arrive at the Bajwa house, Rakesh urges Gurpreet to give him a glass of water since he will soon become the son-in-law.

As Gurpreet gets annoyed, Rakesh gets happy as he knows very well that Neeti will somehow manage to change the report, making him the father of Pari’s baby.

Rakesh’s happiness does not last long as Rajeev announces that Dr. Mahesh who has taken Pari’s D.N.A. is a very loyal doctor since he does not take money.

He then goes to stand by Bebe to let her know that Neeti has stayed at the hospital so she can change the reports and Bebe tells him that if the doctor is loyal then they are doomed.

Hearing this, Rakesh decides to escape the Bajwa house without anyone’s notice but he fails to do so as Rajeev grabs his collar.

Rakesh makes an excuse that he needs to order sweets at a shop since the reports are coming in the evening.

He even states that he is a youth politician of his political party so he works so much there while Rajeev announces that once he gets the result, he will send Rakesh home after making Rakesh wear the shoe necklace.

Meanwhile, Pari is sitting at the table when Rajeev arrives there to inform her that he has locked Rakesh in the room.

Pari’s eyes well up with tears as she accepts that it will be hard for her to leave Rajeev after everything he has done for her.

Rajeev wipes the tears from Pari’s eyes, saying that he has never given justice to Pari since he has always disappointed her yet now, he will always stay by her side.

He then walks away after rubbing Pari’s cheeks gently while Pari watches Rajeev with sadness.

On the other hand, at the hospital, Dr Mahesh turns down Neeti’s offer of money and Neeti pleads Dr. Mahesh to listen to her once.

Back at the Bajwa house, Bebe tries to call Neeti several times who does not pick up at all.

Bebe then comes out of the room, thinking that this family loves both Pari and Neeti equally as she hears Parminder worrying about Neeti’s health.

Whereas, Gurpreet apologizes to Pari for doubting the whole Bajwa family since she knows now how much this family loves Pari.

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