Parineeti 28th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev asking Pari what she will do if Neeti again starts loving him while Pari is not able to understand what is he trying to say.

Then, Rajeev says that there was a time when he was everything to Neeti so if she again recalls the past then everything will become worse and she will snatch him from her.

Just then, Neha opens the almirah and runs from there while Rajeev notices it and asks her where she is going Neeti comes into the hall and notices that everyone is looking at her.

Neeti asks Bebe what happened then she tells her that the police are coming which makes her worried while Pari takes her away from there and starts crying.

Pari asks Neeti why she kept everything hidden from her then Neeti asks her what she kept hidden from her then Pari tells her that while chasing Neha she met the doctor and she got to know about the thing that Neeti didn't tell her.

Neeti thinks that Pari has got to learn about the thing that she has not lost her memory and she forces the doctor to lie that she has lost the memory while Pari asks Neeti to not ruin their bond just because of Rajeev.

Meanwhile, Pammi says that today Pari will get to know that her and Neeti's bond is not strong while Bebe asks Pammi why Pari called the police just for a small thing.

Rajeev tells them that they were finding Neha, but they didn't find her and meet with the doctor who tells Pari that Neeti kept secret from her that she knew that there was a lady in the veil who tried to harm her.

Bebe recalls that she locked Neha in a case so that she cannot tell the truth to Pari whereas she asks Neeti why she also didn't tell about the truth to her.

Neeti sighs in relief and lies to Pari that she doesn't want her to suffer that's why she kept it hidden from her after that Pari tells Neeti that she has complained about it to police so that she can get to know about it.

Rajeev also comes there and says that he will help her with the things, but Pari asks him to continue his engagement with Neeti Rajeev says that Neeti can wait for some time while the inspector comes there.

Pari tells him everything that happened to her after which the inspector assures her that he will find out the culprit whereas Bebe tells Neeti that the astrologist's prediction was correct that if she got married to Rajeev then a huge blunder would take place.

Neeti does not believe in her and says that she will not stop the wedding at any cost while Pari cries in front of Rajeev and blames herself for losing the child.

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