Parineeti 28th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 28th September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 28th September 2023 episode starts with Gurinder forcefully taking Rajeev away from Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari starts searching for Gurpreet and Neeti comes there so Pari tells her that Gurpreet is not present anywhere in the house.

Neeti taunts her that Gurpreet is reaping the bad deeds that Pari has done while Pari gets confused by Neeti's reply.

On the other hand, Rajveer comes into the kitchen and asks for water from Babli and he notices Gurpeet's earring lying on the floor.

He asks Babli to pick it up and return it to her on time while Neeti still shows concern for Gurpreet in front of Pari.

Pari gets happy to see the care in her eyes and she expresses gratitude towards her.

Neeti tries to hide her emotions and says that she does not care for anyone now as Gurpreet also cheated her along with Pari.

She tells Pari that she has come to know the truth that Gurpreet is supporting her to live with Rajeev.

Pari scolds Neeti that these days she is getting to know a lot of truths against her but at the same time, she also tells Neeti that she is just seeing one side.

Pari tells Neeti that Gurpreet only wants her to live happily but Neeti does not listen to her and remains blatant.

On the other hand, Gurpreet gains consciousness and escapes from the place and she notices Bebe giving instructions to the goons to kill Pari and Gurpreet simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Rajeev and Gurinder have an argument related to Pari where she warns him to stay away from Pari but he says that he can't stop caring for Pari.

She shouts at him and tries to make him realize that his actions will badly affect his marriage but Rajeev does not listen to her and asks her to stay away from his matters.

He also says that he does not want to say anything bad to her otherwise she will regret having a son like him.

After that, he goes from there and arrives in the hall while Pandit Ji asks him to hold Ganpati for visarjan.

He holds the Ganpati idol and Neeti also comes along with him whereas Pari also wants to come but Neeti makes a weird face.

Pari steps back from holding the idol while on the other hand, Gurpreet is shocked after seeing that Bebe is planning to kill Pari.

After a while Shambhu along with his goons comes near Gurpreet and directly puts a knife in her stomach.

Everyone is shocked to see that while Pari and Neeti start crying and Rajeev tries to console her.

In the meantime, Shambhu tries to escape but Rajeev goes behind him whereas Bebe takes Neeti along with her to a room.

She tells Neeti to relax as it is a part of her plan to kill Gurpreet while Neeti scolds her for doing such a huge blunder.

Neeti tells her that Gurpreet is more important to her than her actual mother and she breaks down in Bebe's arms.

She yells at Bebe for killing Gurpreet and she also mentions that God will never forgive her.

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