Parineeti 29th December 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 29th December 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 29th December 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 29th December 2022 episode starts with Rakesh’s friend missing Rajeev during the shooting intentionally.

When the bullet does not touch Rajeev, Pari feels relieved but Rajeev orders Pari to run away.

While Rakesh continues telling Pari how he will celebrate his first night with Pari, Rajeev angrily growls that he will not let Rakesh marry Pari.

Meanwhile, Pari tells Rakesh in a breaking voice that she will do everything to save Rajeev but Rajeev announces that once Rakesh opens his hands, he will teach them a lesson.

Hearing this, Rakesh orders his goon to tighten Rajeev’s rope which causes Rajeev to choke and Pari informs Rakesh that she is ready to do anything.

This makes Rakesh very happy and he tells Pari that he has proved his love for Pari now it is Pari’s turn to do the same.

While Pari looks confused, Rakesh orders his goon to bring a glass bottle and as soon as the goon gets the bottle, Rakesh breaks it.

Rakesh then throws the glass pieces onto the floor and orders Pari to walk on them to prove her love.

To save Rajeev, Pari starts doing pheras by walking on the broken pieces, and with Pari’s every step, Rajeev feels Pari’s pain inside his chest, making him restless.

However, everyone gets shocked hearing the gun sound and when they look around, they find Leo (Mr. Ahlawat’s servant).

Entering the room, Leo starts beating Rakesh’s goons while Rakesh calls Mr. Ahlawat to know the reason behind Leo’s arrival.

When Rakesh begs Mr. Ahlawat to let him marry Pari, Mr. Ahlawat tells him that he will not let anything ruin his party’s reputation causing Rakesh to yell in anger.

Mr. Ahlawat blackmails Rakesh that if he does not listen to him, he will kill Pari but Rakesh orders his father not to touch Pari at any cost.

While Rakesh is busy talking to his father, Pari and Rajeev walk out of the room but before they can walk out, Rakesh notices them.

Rajeev threatens to shoot Rakesh with a gun and while Rakesh looks irritated, Rajeev closes the door behind them.

Later, Pari and Rajeev are sitting on the stairs when Rajeev emotionally tells Pari that he does not deserve Pari's love as he has always used Pari for his own benefit.

In reply, Pari sternly tells Rajeev that she saved him only because of Neeti causing Rajeev to look hurt.

Pari's heart melts as she finds Rajeev cleaning the blood from her feet and Rajeev then picks up Pari in his arms to descend the stairs.

Afterward, when they arrive at the entrance, they notice Leo and his goons and decide to run away using the back gate.

However, while Pari and Rajeev are crossing the wall, Leo and his goon arrive there to shoot Pari but Rajeev scares them away using his gun.

Rajeev even hits Leo on his head when Leo tries to push Pari down.

Looking at Pari and Rajeev run away, Leo orders his goons to kill Pari as soon as they see her.

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