Parineeti 29th January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 29th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 29th January 2024 episode starts with Pari being taken away from the jail cell as her hiring is going to start soon.

Meanwhile, Pammi still has her trust issues with Diljeet who tells her that everyone should get a second chance as Rajeev has also committed many mistakes ,yet she has forgiven him now.

A little later, the hiring starts with everyone settled in their respective places.

Witness number one is called and it turns out to be Pammi’s elder son which shocks everyone, especially Pari.

Everyone feels betrayed while Pammi looks at him with a fiery look on her face after which she says that if he says anything against Pari then she will end her relationship with him forever.

He says that Justice demands the truth and he will only speak facts after which he takes an oath to tell the truth.

Pammi yells and says that he will only lie, however, Gurinder and Bebe tell Pammi to stay quiet and let the justice take its course.

Rajeev asks Pammi to calm down as evil can never win.

Daljeet says that he is not against Pari as she is also a part of his family, however ,she is not a good person and has a dual personality.

He says that Pammi is very naive and that she got deceived by Pari’s false tears.

Pammi and Rajeev interrupt however Diljeet keeps going and says that Pari and Neeti were best friends ,however, when Sanju came into their lives then Pari acted really smart to get Rajeev on her side and separate him from Neeti.

He keeps defending Neeti and says that Pari sowed the beans of resentment in Rajeev’s mind for Neeti and even tried killing Neeti on multiple occasions.

The lawyer asks him how he is so sure that Pari tried killing Neeti to which he replies that he shot the video and that is why he is so sure that Pari wants to kill Neeti and will go to any height for that.

He continues to say that the dam was filled with water and Pari was trying to drown Neeti in it.

Diljeet says that his family is blinded by Pari’s tears, however, Pammi gets up and yells at the top of her voice that Diljeet is a big fat liar.

The judge asks the inspector to take Pammi out of the courtroom as she is hindering the proceedings of the case.

The lawyer then calls another eye witness Sakendra.

Meanwhile, Pammi goes to Sukhwinder and asks where Neeti is which makes Sukhwinder trash talk with Pammi.

Pammi says that she knows Neeti has escaped from the hospital and she wants Neeti to come testify for Pari however Sukhwinder replies that after all this, she will never allow Neeti to testify for Pari.

Back on the road, Neeti tries to go to the court, however, her injuries make her fall down on the ground and get unconscious.

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