Parineeti 29th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 29th March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 29th March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 29th March 2023 episode starts with Katiya scolding his teammates for playing cards without doing the job.

As Katiya and his teammates arrive at the kidnapping spot, they feel relieved to see someone squirming under the sack whom they assume is Rajeev.

He suddenly gets a video call from Vikram who demands Katiya show him Mr. Mehra’s face and Katiya happily show Vikram the person tied to the chair.

However, Katiya notices the shoes which are different from Rajeev so he removes the sack from the person’s face to realize that this person is his goon member.

Meanwhile, Vikram strictly orders Katiya to show him Mr. Mehra’s actual face and a frustrated Katiya reveals that this is one of his goons.

Katiya yells that he kidnapped Sanju instead of Mr. Mehra since Vikram never showed him the real face of Mr. Mehra before he throws the phone away.

On the other hand, Pari and Rajeev are running out of the godown when Katiya and his goons find them arriving at the entrance.

During the chase, Pari and Rajeev find a car but as they enter the car, they realize that this car does not have any fuel.

Pari and Rajeev quickly pull down the car seats as they hear some footsteps approaching the car and Rajeev orders Pari to get out of the car in silence.

However, in panic, Pari and Rajeev end up returning to the same godown as the goons start chasing them again.

They start bickering with each other while the goons try to break the door of that room.

When the goons enter the room, Pari and Rajeev hide behind some boxes and Rajeev holds Pari’s hand tightly which fills Pari with calmness.

Pari’s breath hitches as Rajeev grabs her shoulder protectively but she does not let her emotions rule her over as she recalls Rajeev’s marriage with Neeti.

At the same time, Monty and Bebe enter the godown to save Rajeev and Pari while Bebe mutters the goons are stupid for letting them go so easily.

As the four of them are leaving the godown, Bebe intentionally throws away a big gallon to create some noise but no goons show up.

Bebe once again steals the car key when they come near the car and she goes back to find the key.

She waits for the goons to show up at the entrance to reveal that the trio would have left if she would not steal the car keys.

Hearing this, one of the goons exclaims that those who do not have a god to help, have Dadi to help as she orders Katiya to put the knife on her neck to lure the trio in.

Rajeev, Pari, and Monty surrender themselves seeing Bebe in danger and the goons tie them in the godown.

Bebe’s wish is not fulfilled as Rajeev, Monty, and Pari free themselves while Monty plays the police siren on his phone.

As they are leaving, the goons start beating Monty furiously which makes Rajeev fight them while Bebe awaits Neeti's arrival.

Just then, the rest of the Bajwa family walk in with police officers and Katiya shoots Pari and Rajeev in their hands.

Parminder thanks Pari for fishing Rajeev before them while Neeti burns with jealousy.

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