Parineeti 29th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 29th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 29th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 29th May 2023 episode starts with Gurpreet telling Pari that everyone in the house loves her as they all are ready to protect her from Rakesh.

Gurpreet further states that in Barnala, Vikram used to save Pari and now Rajeev’s whole family is here to protect her from Rakesh.

Hearing this, Pari lies on Gurpreet’s lap saying that she is very lucky to have a big family like this and that it is unnecessary to name a relationship since love is the only important thing.

Gurpreet pats Pari’s head accepting that she is an old-school person so she always wants to see Rajeev as Pari’s husband while Pari urges her to forget about it.

Pari happily tells Gurpreet that she has gotten so many things after losing so much but Gurpreet confesses that she will take time to change her viewpoint.

Meanwhile, Neeti screams frustratingly during her drive back to Bajwa’s house as she recalls how the doctor denied her proposal.

She then gets a call from Bebe who informs her that Doctor Mahesh is Rajeev’s childhood friend so Neeti should stay away from the doctor.

This news causes Neeti to panic as she assumes that the doctor is going to tell Rajeev about her offering him the money while Bebe tells her that Rajeev has locked Rakesh in a room.

Bebe further orders Neeti to come home so they can think about a new plan.

Later, Rakesh is asking Gurpreet to open the door in a sugary voice which gets overheard by Bebe and she rushes toward the door to open it.

Bebe thinks to herself that she is the grandma of this house but before she can open the door, she finds Neeti entering the house.

Neeti comes to a stop as her eyes meet Bebe’s and they both enter Rakesh’s room to make him escape.

As Bebe is ordering Rakesh to run, Rajeev catches them red-handed.

However, Neeti makes up an excuse that she came here to tie a tap around Rakesh’s mouth.

Rajeev announces that he has brought the tap to use and as he ties Rakesh to a chair, Rakesh comments that Rajeev should not use Bollywood movie tricks.

As Rakesh keeps mumbling dialogues, Rajeev puts a handkerchief in his mouth and Neeti walks out of there with Bebe following her.

On the other hand, Mr. Ahlawat scolds his goons for not keeping an eye on Rakesh as Rakesh has bunked a very important meeting.

Back at Bajwa's house, Rakesh drags his chair to the living room while being tied which surprises everyone and Neeti pulls out the handkerchief from Rakesh's mouth when no one is watching her.

At the same time, the courier boy arrives at the door with the reports and Rakesh tries several times to run away but none of the family members let him.

Rajeev urges Pari to read the reports but before Pari can read it, the report falls from her hand due to heavy wind and Parminder picks it up.

Parminder picks it up to read it only to realize that it is positive and since she is not saying anything, Rajeev takes the report from her to read it.

As Rajeev gets stunned, Neeti comes forward to read it and she informs Pari that the baby's D.N.A. is matching with Rakesh.

At first Rakesh gets confused upon hearing this but after a few moments, he starts dancing around in happiness.

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