Parineeti 29th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 29th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Gurinder asking Pari to come to Neeti's engagement and go for the complaint later on instead of today.

Pari agrees to her and comes downstair after that she complains to Pammi and Rajeev for not telling them about the lady who tried to harm her.

Pammi tells Pari that she thinks it would have been done by Rakesh but Pari does not believe in her and says that someone who hates her up to such an extent that he or she tried to harm her kid.

Meanwhile, Bebe asks Neeti to convince Rajeev to marry after the engagement then Neeti assures her that she will look after it whereas Bebe goes to see Rajeev and brings him from the place where Rajeev is spending time with Pari.

Pari feels bad seeing Rajeev and Neeti sitting on the stage for engagement whereas Neeti recalls her old good days with Rajeev and how he proposed to her which makes her feel happy.

Rajeev hesitates to exchange the ring with Neeti while Pari becomes emotional and the ring falls from Rajeev's hand which makes Neeti anxious Gurinder and Bebe start searching for the ring but cannot find it anywhere.

Monty says that it is an indication of not doing the engagement which makes Bebe angry, and she asks Amit to order the rings while Gurinder asks Monty to play a song on which Rajeev and Neeti will perform.

Rajeev becomes angry and says that he will dance along with Pari so he holds her hands and starts dancing with her, but Pari asks him to dance with Neeti whereas Rajeev ignores her.

He says that he will dance with her, and he does a romantic dance with her, but Gurinder comes there and joins them in dancing to interrupt them.

After that, they stop dancing and go on the terrace while Rajeev again insists that Pari run away from there as he loves her so much or marry him again right now, but Pari does not accept and says it is wrong.

Then, Rajeev tries to convince her which makes her emotional and she starts crying but Rajeev holds her hands and takes pheras with her while Rajeev asks her to not feel bad.

He assures her that he will not leave her after which she also makes him feel assured that she will never go away from her while Gurinder comes there and scolds them for doing all these things.

On the other hand, Neeti notices that Rajeev and Pari are missing after which she wonders where they would have gone while Gurinder ruthlessly scolds Pari for not going away from Rajeev's life.

Rajeev comes there and speaks on Pari's behalf he says that he has been forced to marry Neeti, but he loves Pari after which Gurinder scolds him for ruining their family's image.

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