Parineeti 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Gurinder saying that this is the same necklace she has shown Gurpreet last night.

Bebe also twists the situation by asking Gurpreet why she is leaving the Bajwa house so early with an evil smile while Gurpreet continues asking if Bebe means to say that she is the thief.

Gurpreet tries to defend herself but Bebe continues manipulating everyone saying that now Gurpreet will pretend that someone has hidden the necklace in the suitcase.

The bowl drops from Pari’s hand in shock while Gurinder states that she does not want to believe that Gurpreet is at fault.

Parminder urges Gurinder to think rationally before saying anything but Gurinder announces that she is just asking Gurpreet why she has done this.

Neeti also comes forward to defend Gurpreet and as she puts her hands around Gurpreet, Sukhwinder silently enjoys the drama along with Bebe.

Bebe then gets a flashback of that moment when she put the necklace in Gurpreet’s suitcase after Sukhwinder dragged Gurpreet away.

Coming out of the flashback, Bebe mutters under her breath that she will make sure Pari and Gurpreet are thrown out of the house for good.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet tells Pari that she is sacrificing herself for this Bajwa family who is humiliating her mom in a low whisper.

Hearing Gurpreet’s words, Pari feels angry at herself for making Gurpreet promise that she will not tell anyone the real truth which is why Gurpreet is enduring all the insults.

Pari announces that Gurpreet has everything in Barnala so she does not need to steal but Sukhwinder informs Pari that everyone is asking the same question of Gurpeet to know why she has done this.

Gurpreet just takes all the insults silently with her mouth closed due to her promise to Pari while Bebe heats the situation even more by saying that Gurpreet must have an illness of stealing.

Just then, Pari asks Sukhwinder if she really does not believe Gurpreet, and as Gurinder lowers her eyes, Pari turns to ask Neeti what she thinks.

Neeti angrily states that she does believe in Gurpreet yet she knows very well that people can betray friendships which shocks Pari.

At the same time, the police arrive to arrest Gurpreet and Bebe reveals that she is the one who called the police.

Bebe says that she already knew someone has stolen the necklace while Parminder questions why she is involving the police.

On the other hand, Rajeev gets a call from the police station ordering him to come for verification and Rajeev agrees.

Back in Bajwa's house, Bebe takes Neeti aside pretending to be fainting, and reveals to Neeti that she is the one who panned everything.

Arriving there, Sukhwinder also urges Neeti to not be dumb since this is the only way to throw Pari out of the house and Neeti nods her head despite feeling that this is bad.

Afterward, Pari feels shattered as no one comes forward to help Gurpreet while the police drag Gurpreet away.

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