Parineeti 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Jankee ji coming to the court lightens up Pari’s hope while the lawyer tells the judge that Jankee ji is the one who will be disclosing Madhu’s truth.

Meanwhile, Rushad and Madhu are shocked to see her there whereas Jankee ji is confused and is in dilemma about whether to speak in Rajeev’s favor or not.

Just then, she becomes unconscious after which Madhu’s lawyer asks the Judge to not waste time on this case and give the decision.

After that, the Bajwa family requests the Judge to give them some time after which the judge gives them fifteen minutes.

Then, Monty and the whole Bajwa family take Jankee outside and call the doctor whereas Rajeev requests Madhu to take back the case.

She smirks and says that he didn’t do anything to her but she dragged him to the court after which Rajeev demeans her.

Rushad comes there and asks Madhu what was Rajeev saying whereas Jankee ji becomes conscious and says that she is ready to give the proof.

Meanwhile, Madhu lies to Rushad that Rajeev was asking her to leave him because he wants to marry her which provokes Rushad’s anger and he fights with Rajeev.

The judge scolds them after which Jankee comes into the witness box and the judge asks her to tell the truth whereas Jankee ji flips at the last moment and says that Madhu is right.

Bajwa's family is shocked to hear it and the judge asks Jankee whether she knows what is she saying after which Jankee lies to the judge that Pari forced her to lie in favor of Rajeev.

Judge accepts Jankee’s statement after which the judge asks Balli if he has another proof but Balli refuses whereas Pammi murmurs that everything has come to an end.

Meanwhile, Pari asks Jankee to tell the truth after which Jankee raises her voice and says that Rushad and Madhu are next to god.

Pari says that Rushad has bribed her whereas Madhu’s lawyer manipulates the judge after which she asks Pari to sit in her place.

After that, the judge is about to give the decision but court time ends after which the judge says that she will give the decision tomorrow.

Pammi cries and asks Monty to take her to jail as she wants to live with Rajeev in this situation whereas he asks Pari to take responsibility for the family behind him.

Rajeev tells Pari that she is the backbone of their family while she cries and says that she is incomplete without him whereas Neeti yells at Shally for not arranging the best lawyer for Rajeev.

After that, the constable tells Rajeev that they are getting late after which he asks Rajeev to come along with him whereas Pari cries her lungs out in grief about her separation from Rajeev.

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