Parineeti 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd December 2023 episode starts with Sukhwinder explaining to Neeti after she comes from the court that she has done wrong by breaking her marriage. 

Meanwhile, Neeti fails to understand her and tells her mother that Rajeev won't be able to love Pari, the way he loves her.

Rajeev enters the house when Pari asks him what happened while Pammi says that as Neeti has divorced Rajeev, he should marry Pari and give his name to the child developing in Pari’s womb.

He agrees with her while Pari says that she isn’t ready and she leaves with Rajeev following her to convince her.

Bebe scolds Pammi for being biased against Neeti while Gurinder says that Rajeev’s wedding with Pari is not the correct thing but Pammi disagrees with her.

Meanwhile, Rajeev convinces Pari by reminding her that she was married to him but she tells him that Neeti loves him the most.

Rajeev replies that everything has ended between him and Neeti so he wants to marry Pari.

He also says that he is thinking about his child who hasn’t come into this world as he does not want people to question Pari about the father of her child in future.

Gurinder says that she is in pain as the house of her child has broken today while other members are enjoying the circumstances leading Rajveer to defend Pammi.

However, Amit asks her to stop disrespecting Pammi and Rajveer while Chandrika also supports Pammi.

Pammi says that she has considered Pari as her daughter-in-law from the start and that she accepted Neeti just because Pari forced her.

She states that as Neeti has gone from Rajeev’s life, it will be better if Pari becomes the legal wife of Rajeev when Pari comes there and says that she is ready for the marriage.

Rajeev says that the wedding will take place on the same date as mentioned on the card and tomorrow is mehendi and sangeet because Pari wants all the rituals to be followed.

Meanwhile, Pammi asks Pari if she genuinely wants to marry Rajeev leading Pari to tell her that she has understood Rajeev’s point therefore, she is ready to marry Rajeev for the child developing in her womb.

Everyone gets busy in preparation while Bebe stops her when Pari reminds her that when a lady realizes all her relations are going out of her hands, she does everything to get back her relations.

Pari says that in the same way, Neeti will also realize that her love is going away from her so she will automatically come back in Rajeev's life.

Later at night, Babli comes and expresses her excitement after knowing that Pari is going to marry Rajeev while Babli asks Pari why is she emotional.

Pari replies that she is seeing the shadow of Gurpreet in Babli today and tells about it to Chandrika too while Rajeev packs Neeti’s belongings in a suitcase.

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