Parineeti 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 2nd February 2024 episode starts with Pari and Rajeev bringing Neeti to their home as she has lost the memory.

Rajeev along with Pari and Rajveer reaches the house and Gurinder opens the door while Rajveer tells Bebe and Gurinder that Neeti will stay with them because her health condition is critical.

Bebe gets confused after which Rajeev tells her that Neeti had a memory loss due to which she has forgotten a few important moments of her life.

He requests Bebe and the other members to not try to remind anything to Neeti but Bebe says that she cannot act in front of Neeti.

Then, Parminder joins hands in front of them and requests them to not create any chaos in front of Neeti.

After that, Neeti comes there while Pammi asks Chandrika to welcome Pari before she enters the house as she is newly married.

Pammi asks Gurinder to bring Pari's chunari before doing her welcome so Gurinder along with Bebe goes to bring the chunari.

Meanwhile, Bebe and Gurinder wonder how Neeti can change suddenly and they think that it is Neeti's new drama.

After that, they go downstairs and Pammi asks Gurinder to put chunari on Pari's forehead after that Pammi asks Neeti to do Rajeev and Pari's aarti.

Neeti gets excited to do that but Rajeev stops her from doing their aarti and requests Pammi to do the rituals.

Pammi does their aarti and asks Pari to perform further rituals while Rajeev murmurs that he won't let Neeti spoil his auspicious moments further.

Then, Pari and Rajeev enter their house and take everyone's blessings and Pammi asks Pari to rest in her room.

Just then, Pari asks Pammi if she can show the house to Neeti but Neeti asks Pari to rest as she might be tired after performing all the rituals.

Neeti goes along with Babli to see the house whereas Amit advises Rajeev to not ditch Pari this time after which Rajveer asks Rajeev to go inside his room.

Meanwhile, Pammi wonders if Neeti has genuinely lost her memory or if she is just acting to make them fool.

On the other hand, Neeti becomes happy after seeing her room and she asks Babli to call Bauji so that she can assure him that Pari has got an amazing family.

Babli gets nervous and she lies to her that Bauji is not receiving a call after which Neeti goes to sleep.

In the meantime, Pari and Rajeev come inside their room and Rajeev is astonished to see the beautiful decoration.

After that, he sits along with Pari and asks her to look into his eyes as she feels shy in front of him so he tells her that now no one will come in between them.

He thanks Pari for choosing him and says that it is correct that pairs are made in heaven like theirs.

Just then, Neeti knocks at the door while Rajeev thinks that Monty is there so he goes to open the door but finds Neeti there.

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