Parineeti 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev meeting Neeti in jail after that he asks her to tell him from where she got the pendant which makes Neeti anxious.

She does not have any answer for her justification to give to Rajeev whereas he recalls the day when he bought the pendant for Pari and how she liked it so much.

Pari receives a call from Mishri and she motivates her to live a bold lifestyle and asks her to come to her home whenever she comes to that side.

Suddenly, the wind starts blowing and all the documents of Pari start blowing in the air after which she begins looking after them and Rajeev comes in front of her and she becomes surprised.

She hides her face, and her heart skips a beat after that Rajeev asks her what happened to her and why she is feeling so anxious after seeing him in front of her.

Pari gets lost in his eyes while Rajeev again questions her about what happened whereas Neeti yells and asks the constable to call Rajeev, but she does not listen to her.

After that, the woman behind the bars with Neeti asks her what happened then Neeti tells her that she is waiting for her fiance to come over there and take her out of the jail.

Then, she starts laughing and tells Neeti that she also had a boyfriend for whom she was robbed from jail and got caught by the police and thought that he would take her out of jail.

Neeti asks her what happened further then she tells her that he ditched her and never tried to contact her after she was locked up in jail which broke her all hopes.

This makes Neeti anxious, and she says that Rajeev is not like other men and he will come soon to take her away from there, but that lady starts laughing at Neeti.

Meanwhile, Ambika goes to the temple along with Daai maa where she meets Sukhwinder and Gurinder while Sukhwinder joins hands in front of her and starts crying which makes Abika Devi anxious.

Ambika asks her what happened then she asks her to request Parvati to take the case back which she has filed against Neeti then Gurinder tells Ambika that except Neeti no one is truly her's.

Sukhwinder tells Ambika that Neeti is very sensitive and under pressure, she can take any wrong step which will make her regretful for her whole life which confuses Ambika.

On the other hand, Neeti asks the constable to remove her from the cell while the other lady with Neeti tells her that she will also face similar things she is facing whereas Rajeev tries to goes close to Pari and tells her that he can sense his Pari in her while Parvati asks him to stay away from her.

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