Parineeti 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd June 2023 episode starts with Rakesh telling Gurpreet that it does not matter if Gurpreet considers him as her son-in-law because he will become one after his marriage to Pari.

Rakesh then turns to face Pari who flinches backward and Rajeev comes forward to beat Rakesh for spouting nonsense about Pari.

Rakesh threatens Pari

Rajeev accuses Rakesh of running after Pari for a year since he always finds new ideas to ruin Pari’s life while the police commissioner urges Rajeev to stop or he will be in trouble.

He rudely replies that he is sure that the D.N.A. report is fake but Rakesh announces that Rajeev needs to trust the doctor since the doctor is Rajeev’s friend and the baby now belongs to him.

He further states that previously Neeti has always come to Pari’s rescue yet she has also accepted the truth.

As Pari looks at Rakesh with tears in her eyes, Rakesh grabs her finger tightly without caring that Pari is feeling pain.

He cunningly informs Pari that if she does not agree to marry him, then the whole Bajwa family will go to jail while Pari begs Rakesh to let her go.

At the same time, Mr. Ahlawat re-enters the hall with his wife and he tells Pari that he thinks Pari is scared of him since he looks like a goon politician.

Mrs. Ahlawat also sweetly informs Pari that she is going to give birth to their heir.

Rakesh then finally moves his hand from Pari’s finger, making it clear that if Pari does not marry him, he will abort the baby since the baby will live with him only, otherwise the baby will not see the light.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ahlawat tells the police commissioner that he does not want to press charges on the Bajwa family any longer as they are going to become relatives very soon.

Gurinder and Bebe praise Mr. Ahlawat for his generosity while Pari runs away from there as she is unable to deal with the pressure.

Looking at Pari’s fallen face, something inside Neeti clicks so she also runs after Pari to check on her.

As Pari sobbingly states that she has not committed any crime yet no one is willing to understand her, Neeti arrives there and pulls Pari into a hug to console her.

Pari pleads with Neeti to understand that this baby belongs to Neeti and Sanju only.

As Pari is sobbing on Neeti’s shoulder, Bebe appears at the doorway and feels threatened to see Neeti being sweet to Pari.

Bebe then intentionally starts giving both Pari and Neeti life lessons about how with time friends change and that a friend becomes an enemy as she hides things from the other one.

At the same time, Rakesh appears there to bid farewell to Pari and gets happy to see the look of love in Pari’s eyes.

However, his face turns sour as he turns behind to find Rajeev standing behind him and Pari is looking at Rajeev.

Even Neeti feels irritated to see the look of helplessness in Rajeev's eyes for Pari so she walks away from there.

Bebe warns Gurpreet 

After everyone leaves, Gurpreet corners Bebe to ask her why she always questions Pari's character and Bebe replies that Gurpreet should be happy to get a son-in-law like Rakesh who loves Pari so much.

When Gurpreet announces that she will not let Pari marry Rakesh, Gurinder appears there out of nowhere.

She informs Gurpreet that if the baby is born without a father, then the whole society will raise a finger at Gurpreet and her dead husband.

Gurinder and Bebe walk away from there without sparing any glance at Gurpreet and Gurpreet expresses to Pari that she is feeling very helpless now.

At Ahalwat mansion, Rakesh feels frustrated to think that he is getting married to Pari who is carrying someone else's child and he also tells his mom that he will teach Pari a lesson.

Later that night, Rajeev is recalling his moments with Pari while looking at the moon when Amit approaches him.

Amit orders Rajeev to accept that Pari is carrying Rakesh's child otherwise Pari would not try to abort the baby but when Rajeev refuses to accept, he questions Rajeev if he has fallen in love with Pari.

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