Parineeti 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti telling Pari that she didn't want a surrogate mother, and that's why she was trying to kill her child.

Neeti says that she always wanted her child but when she got to know the truth that she has already been married to Rajeev then she always searched for an opportunity to kill her.

Pari feels heartbroken and she recalls the moment when she was in danger and she asks Neeti why she still hates her after which Neet tells her that she will never love her again the same way.

She tells Pari that she requested the Doctor to lie to everyone that she has lost her memory as she has to take revenge on her so she did this drama to enter Bajwa's house.

Neeti says that she was searching for an opportunity to come into the Bajwa family and finally Pari brought her back into the house and she says that she has always died seeing everyone loving her the most.

After that, she tells Pari that she even pushed Gurinder from the terrace as she was showing excessive love to Pari which surprises her after that Neeti tells Pari that she would have left Rajeev and should have gone to Barnala.

Pari is surprised when Neeti tells her the truth while Neeti tells her that she did the drama by becoming pregnant again through IVF so that Pammi and other members could accept her.

Neeti tells Pari that Gurpreet went to a coma just because of her which brings tears to Pari's eyes while Neeti says that after marrying Rajeev everything will end for Pari and a new life will begin for her and Rajeev.

Pari gives a befitting reply to Neeti that she will never let Rajeev marry her and she decides to tell Neeti's truth to Rajeev after which Neeti hits with a vase on Pari's head and she falls unconscious.

Just then, Neeti notices that Babli is calling Pari after which she breaks the phone while Pari anyhow manages to run from there and she locks Neeti inside the room which makes Neeti anxious.

Meanwhile, Bebe calls Neeti after which she tells her that Pari has locked her inside the room as she has got to know about the truth after which Bebe manages to unlock Neeti from the room.

Later, Pari notices Neeti in the car after which Neeti comes out of the car and bursts over to Pari and tells her that she is also a human being like her and she also felt bad seeing her best friend watch her love so the circumstances made her do such things.

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