Parineeti 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Gurinder questioning Parminder why she has called her in a sarcastic tone.

Gurinder even says that she thought Parminder considers her the most useless thing in this house while Parminder glares at her.

When Parminder reminds Gurinder about how she ruined Bebe’s respect all those years ago, Gurinder urges Parminder to forget as it was a long time ago.

Gurinder’s smirk wipes off her face as Parminder reveals that Bebe knows the truth about Pari and Rajeev’s marriage.

Parminder adds that if Bebe tells Neeti the truth, then Neeti will see Gurinder’s face again.

Parminder also tells Gurinder that if the report of Rajeev’s dual marriage reaches the ears of the villagers, then her reputation will be ruined.

As Gurinder starts panicking, Parminder advises her to apologize to Bebe for her past mistake since it is the only way to deal with the mess.

Parminder says that they need to tell Neeti the truth in the mandap but Gurinder announces she is willing to do anything instead of apologizing to Bebe.

Meanwhile, Bebe informs Neeti that she will guide her just like Shakuni guided Duryodhan while Neeti stands there in a trance.

As Neeti reminds Bebe that Shakuni was the reason for Kaurava’s defeat in the Mahabharata war, Bebe replies that this time, the fight is between two “sautens”.

Bebe announces that she will help Neeti by directing her so Neeti can take her husband and the baby back from Pari.

Neeti stands there with cold eyes while Bebe tells her that she must avenge everyone for lying to her.

In a cold voice, Neeti mentions that she too believes that everyone should get punished for their wrong deeds.

On the other hand, the cloud rumbles outside the Bajwa house which makes Pari scared as she knows the cloud only rumbles like this when someone’s life is about to fall apart.

She notices her reflection in the mirror just then and pleads with God to let her suffer instead of Neeti.

In the meantime, Rajeev enters his room to talk to Neeti only to find it empty and he gets hazy flashbacks of him marrying Pari in his drunk state.

He scolds himself for drinking “Bhang” & decides to apologize to Neeti for it.

Back in Neeti’s room, Neeti and Bebe are busy making a plan when Rajeev and Pari enter the room.

Neeti hides angry tears from Pari and Rajeev by plastering a fake smile on her face while Bebe feels scared, thinking Neeti will reveal their plan due to her anger.

As Pari reminds Neeti how they planned to become each other's bridesmaids when they get married, Neeti remarks that Pari got married without telling her.

This confuses Pari but she walks away without saying anything.

Afterward, in the hall, Rajeev apologizes to Neeti for drinking who assumes that Rajeev is apologizing for marrying Pari behind her back.

When Rajeev again mentions the "Bhaang" word, Neeti realizes her mistake so she does not say anything to Rajeev and walks away.

Afterward, Bebe manipulates Pariminder saying that she has realized how much this family means to her so she will not reveal the truth to Neeti.

When Neeti arrives in the hall, time slows down for her and Pari; both.

Pari gives her the biggest cheerful smile whereas Neeti stares at Pari with pent-up anger so when Bebe and Pari both offer their hand, Neeti takes Bebe's.

This shocks Pari and tears threaten to come down her eyes but she manages to keep them hidden.

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