Parineeti 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with the doctor checking Pari after Rajeev tells her that Pari got conscious for some time but suddenly she stopped responding.

The doctor thoroughly checks Pari and tells Rajeev that Pari is out of danger and she will be fine after some time if proper care has been taken of her.

Meanwhile, Harman and Monty wonder what Neeti is doing near Pari's room while Neeti recalls how Rajeev saves Pari every time and how the way he told her that he would always love Pari and no one can break their bond.

Neeti decides that she will kill Pari this time at any cost after that she recalls that it is the same hospital where Rakesh tried to kill Pari.

Just then, he comes in front of her which surprises her while he laughs and says that she was remembering her so he came there.

On the other hand, Bebe asks Pammi to ask for an apology from Neeti but she refuses and says that she knows that she isn't wrong but still she won't ask for an apology from her.

Neeti argues with Rakesh and asks him why he came there after which he yells at her and says that she is the best friend of Pari so she is indirectly his enemy.

After that, Neeti tells him that Pari is going to become Rajeev's child mother which makes Rakesh angry and he yells at her and wishes for Pari's demise.

Then, Neeti tells him that today anyhow Pari will leave this world at any cost and she asks Rakesh to join her after which he asks her why she wants him to join her.

Neeti tells him that she wants to check his reaction while Pammi asks for an update related to Pari after which the doctor tells her that she will take some time to recover. 

Rakesh tells Neeti that his life become worse just due to Pari so he wants to take revenge on her after which Neeti asks him to tell her what he wants.

After that, Rakesh tells her that he wants Pari to die as due to her he got abused by his father and many people which he cannot forget at any cost.

Rakesh and Neeti make a plan to kill Pari while Rakesh suggests she do whatever she wants in the dark otherwise she will get caught.

Neeti listens to his advice and thinks about it while Pammi becomes tense for Pari after which Rajeev tries to console her but she still worries for her which makes Chandrika anxious.

Rakesh meets Chirag and tells him about the working of the main switch and how to do the short circuit at the right time so that all the lights can get off and he can distract Rajeev.

Neeti smirks and asks him to kill Pari at that time because it will be the safest time as no one will notice them over there and they can easily kill Pari. 

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