Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd November 2023 episode starts with Pari recalling Choti Maa’s words that she wants her to leave the family when she packs her luggage and is about to leave the family.

Meanwhile, Parminder notices her leaving the house and stops her from leaving until Gurpreet gets well.

She insists on Pari staying with her as she considers Pari as her daughter and also says that if Pari leaves the house then her heart will break leading Pari to hug her and say that she will never leave her alone.

Parminder says that she will keep Pari in front of her eyes from now onwards and takes her upstairs for pooja while Neeti’s mother says that she ordered Pari to leave this house as now the truth has come in front of everyone.

Parminder states that no one will ask Pari to leave the house as she considers Pari as her daughter but Neeti’s mother argues with Parminder leading Neeti to ask her mother to stop the argument.

Gurinder asks everyone to break their fast by performing Karwa Chauth pooja of their husband and moon.

Everyone including Neeti performs the pooja when Pari also tries to do the pooja by observing Rajeev’s reflection in the pot but her leg slips off the terrace and she falls.

Rajeev goes to check on her, making her drink water from his hand and offering sweets to her.

Parminder thanks god for sending Rajeev on time to open Pari’s fast as she recalls the time when Pari was murmuring that she had kept fast for Rajeev.

Further, Parminder comes back to reality and asks Pari about how she fell leading Pari to tell her that she was feeling weak so she got unconscious and fell down.

Parminder gives her blessing while Pari asks for an apology from everyone for wasting their time but Parminder asks her not to worry, asking everyone to open their fast as it is getting late.

Rajveer opens Parminder’s fast when Rajeev also opens Neeti’s fast but Neeti feels bad as Pari interrupted her and Rajeev by falling unconscious.

Guests leave after opening their Karwa Chauth fast while Bebe thanks God for managing things properly when Parminder asks Amit and Rajeev to take care of their wives today.

Meanwhile, Neeti asks Gurinder and Parminder to listen to one important thing that she is going to announce when Neeti holds Gurinder’s hand and tells them everything that has been happening for a few days.

Neeti indirectly tries to say that she does not like Pari staying in this house anymore by giving unwanted justifications to Parminder and other family members.

Parminder asks her to tell things clearly when Neeti says that she is leaving this family along with her mother because Pari is not leaving therefore, she decides that she will leave the family.

Pari tries to stop her but Neeti says that she cannot live with Pari under the same roof as she cannot tolerate her husband's cowife living in the same house.

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