Parineeti 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd October 2023 episode starts with a dimly lit godown, where Rajeev conceals Pari behind towering tankers, shielding her from the menacing presence of the goons hunting them down.

Moments later, his eyes widen in astonishment as he spots Neeti lurking nearby and utters her name in a hushed whisper, fearing for her safety, but his words dissipate unheard into the air.

Desperate to reach Neeti, Rajeev attempts to call her, but his effort is futile.

She swiftly silences his call and ventures off to meet Shambhu, a decision that would unknowingly intertwine their fates.

Meanwhile, a different drama unfolds in another corner of the city.

Gurinder, seeking redemption, asks for forgiveness from Gurpreet, who, weakened by an accident, bows her head in acceptance.

Struggling with her voice, Gurpreet confides in Parminder, who reassures her that despite the impediment, her words are still comprehensible.

Anxious, Gurpreet attempts to convey a dire message that someone is after Pari's life.

Before she could finish, panic seizes her, and her breath gets laboured, causing concern to ripple through those around her. 

Simultaneously, in the hospital, Rajeev, burdened with the safety of Pari, navigates the chaos.

Neeti finds herself entangled in a heated exchange with Shambhu, culminating in a slap across his face.

In retaliation, Shambhu warns her, hinting at impending harm to Rajeev, leaving Neeti trembling with fear and regret.

Back in the godown, Bebe, harboring malicious intentions, whispers in Gurpreet's ear, expressing her desire for Gurpreet's demise, viewing her as an obstacle to Pari's fate.

Manipulating circumstances, Bebe tampers with Gurpreet's oxygen mask, rendering her breathless.

Pari, sensing something amiss, confronts Bebe, who cunningly lies to protect her sinister motives.

In the silent corridors of the hospital, Rajeev collides with Neeti and awkward silence surrounds them.

Rajeev murmurs that Destiny is playing a nice game with him as he never thought of Neeti being involved with Shambhu.

On the other hand, God sends Pari as an angel to protect Gurpreet from the bad deeds of Bebe.

Confused and torn, Rajeev struggles to make sense of Neeti's involvement with Shambhu, his mind clouded with a whirlwind of emotions.

Bebe gets terrified and decides to escape the city as she thinks her truth will come out.

On the other hand, Babli cries a lot so Pari tries to console her and she asks Neeti to assure her that Gurpreet will get well soon but Neeti does not speak a single word.

She stands still while Rajeev stares at her continuously as he doubts her for being involved in the incident.

Pari again requests Neeti to speak from mouth which her mother will get soon.

After a while, she hugs her and starts crying loudly while Bebe feels jealous and fears if Neeti and Pari will unite then her game will be over.

She becomes anxious and feels like she is trapped in her own net.

Parminder prays to god to send back Gurpreet in a healthy condition because Pari requires her mother during her pregnancy.

She begs in front of god to not act so ruthlessly as Gurpreet is a kind lady who always thinks for others.

Meanwhile, Neeti stands still and cries out as she is very guilty.

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