Parineeti 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 2nd September 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 2nd September 2023 episode starts with Parminder telling Chandrika and Monty that they cannot blame Neeti for being jealous of Pari since no wife can tolerate the fact that her husband has opened his eyes after hearing another girl calling his name.

She further clarifies that Gurleen and Bebe are brainwashing Neeti which is bad while Chandrika and Monty look at Parminder with worry.

On the other hand, Gurinder tells Neeti that she knows what Neeti is going through as everyone just cares about Pari in the family but they need to do something regarding it.

With blazing eyes, Neeti replies that Pari has used her friendship and now she will make sure to ruin Pari's life for this, which sounds music to Bebe's ear.

She asks Bebe and Gurinder if they will help her get rid of Pari to which Bebe replies that she will always support Neeti in everything yet Gurinder does not say anything.

Meanwhile, Pari lifts herself from the floor, thinking she needs to get out of this room for Neeti's baby's sake otherwise this poisonous gas from the AC will kill her.

She then notices another door leading to the washroom when she runs to that room, saying that she cannot stay here for another minute.

However, as soon as she steps foot in the washroom, she collapses on the floor due to exhaustion while she questions god why he takes her agnipariksha always.

In the meantime, Shambhu and the nurse take Neeti to a hospital ward where they inform her that her work is done because Pari will die in just an hour.

The nurse assures Neeti that she has used a very poisonous gas which Pari will not be able to escape and Neeti walks out of the room with Shambhu.

Just then, the police arrive at the hospital, and the Officer Great Parminder warmly urges the police to find Pari as she has been missing.

Noticing Shambhu beside Neeti, Parminder asks him about his identity and Shamhu lies that he is a special surgeon who has come here to treat Rajeev.

Chandrika takes Shambhu to the emergency room after hearing this whereas the rest of the family go to check the CCTV footage.

The CCTV reveals that Shambhu is lurking around the emergency room from where Pari has been abducted so Neeti goes to get Shambhu and the nurse out of the hospital.

Shambhu switches off the light of the hospital while Neeti releases the nurse from the hospital room whom she has locked with a key.

Meanwhile, Pari breaks the window of the washroom with a heavy object and runs to find Neeti as she is sure Neeti must be worried for her.

However, Pari's blood turns cold as she witnesses Neeti shaking hands with Shambhu and the nurse and it becomes crystal clear to Pari that Neeti is the one who wants her dead.

Oblivious to Pari's presence, Neeti goes to burn Pari's item after she transfers fifty per cent money to Shambhu's account when Pari comes to stand in front of Neeti, asking her why she did this.

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