Parineeti 30th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th April 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th April 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 30th April 2023 episode starts with Gurinder yelling that Neeti tried telling them about Pari being a backstabber yet they never listened to anyone.

Bebe also asks Pari about how she can do this as a baby is very important to everyone in the family yet Pari has the nerve of trying to kill the baby.

She goes on to say that she knows Pari did this because Pari wanted to prolong her stay in Bajwa’s house since she would pretend, she got a miscarriage so everyone would sympathize with her.

Pari tries to make everyone understand that everyone is misunderstanding her when Rajeev comes forward to yell that Bebe is saying all the truth.

He announces that Neeti is no longer Pari’s sister as she clearly tried to kill the baby to get revenge on Neeti while Pari says that she cannot steal Neeti’s happiness at any cost.

Rajeev however silences Pari, claiming that Neeti is far better than Pari as she always speaks what comes into her heart.

Neeti on the other hand watches Pari’s humiliation without any guilt as she knows Pari is suffering yet she was required to do it in order to get her husband back.

She tells in her mind that just like Rajeev is trash-talking about Pari today, she also went through the same thing last night, so Pari has to suffer this time.

Neeti’s happiness grows as Gurinder and Rajeev degrade Pari for trying to kill his baby while Chandrika thinks to herself that she knows Pari can never do this no matter what anyone says.

Pari suddenly states that she has proof of her innocence but Bebe tries to divert the topic by yelling that no one will believe in Pari today so Pari should not try to say anything.

At the same time, Parminder comes forward, saying that even a criminal gets one chance to explain himself so Pari should also get it which makes Bebe sweat in worry.

Bebe thinks hard to find if she has left any kind of clue yet nothing comes to her mind and Neeti announces that they should let Pari speak.

Pari then tells everyone that she wants to call Doctor Maya and as Maya picks up, she tells Pari that she will come to the Bajwa house.

Neeti who was relaxed knowing that she has specially told Maya not to come to Bajwa’s house starts worrying as she assumes that Maya will let the truth out due to everyone’s pressure.

Hearing the doctor is coming, Bebe suddenly starts coughing and walks away with Neeti following her.

Afterward, in the kitchen, Sulochana informs Neeti that she will go on a pilgrimage so she can bathe in Ganga’s to get rid of her sins while Neeti scolds her for leaving her in this critical situation.

Bebe also scolds Neeti for not giving any money to Maya as Maya is not Neeti’s aunty and Neeti feels stupid for not bribing Maya.

Chandrika arrives in the kitchen just then, asking Bebe if she needs anything and Bebe rudely orders Chandrika to leave.

As she walks away, she suspects Bebe and Neeti are doing something shady since they always stick together.

Later, Pari suddenly feels dizzy so everyone starts taking care of her except Bebe who sternly announces that Pari has not only fallen from everyone’s eyes but also due to her deteriorating health.

Neeti too tells Pari that Pari should not be stressed since she is the one who is giving Neeti the stress by trying to kill her baby.

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