Parineeti 30th April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 30th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with  Rajeev coming to save Pari and he is ready to jump on the well to save Pari.

Everyone stops him while Neeti becomes anxious after which she finds the bucket and rope so that Rajeev can save Pari instead of going inside the well.

After that, Rajeev throws the rope inside the well and asks Pari to catch hold of it and come out but Pari says that she cannot come out.

Then, everyone motivates Pari to try after which Rajeev also tries to motivate her to catch it so Pari tries her best but the rope slips from her hand and she is about to drown in the water.

Rajveer calls someone to come and help Pari come out of the well which turns Neeti’s face pale while Bebe blackmails Neeti that she will tell her truth in front of everyone if she does not follow her instructions.

Neeti becomes confused and asks her what is she trying to say after which Bebe explains to her to act like she is so worried for Pari so that no one can doubt her.

Then, Neeti decides to drama while Chandrika asks the village's lady to help Pari Rajeev says that he will go and bring someone but Pammi asks him to stay there and motivate Pari in her tough time.

Rajeev tells Pari that he is not able to do anything for her after which Pari asks him to not worry and she tries to come upwards on her own but she again fails to come up.

Pammi asks Pari to not do anything and wait for Rajveer while Neeti cuts the rope but Bebe asks her why is she cutting the rope then Neeti tells her that it is a part of her plan to become good in front of everyone and kill Pari on other side.

Bebe praises Neeti after which she tells Bebe that she is a Pind girl and knows every tactic after that she goes and behaves like she cares a lot for Pari and asks Rajeev about Pari.

Rajeev looks toward Pari after which Neeti goes to see her and gives the rope to him and asks him to bring Pari out of the well which gives another hope to the Bajwa family.

Meanwhile, Neeti looks toward Bebe and smirks whereas Rajeev tells Pari that he has got another rope to save her which gives some positivity to Pari and she thanks God for sending Neeti in her life.

Neeti murmurs that Pari is dumb as she considers her friend without knowing the fact that she wants her to die and get away from Rajeev’s life forever whereas Rajeev again throws the rope and asks Pari to come up with the help of rope.

Pari tries her best to come up while Rajeev keeps on motivating her Pari notices that the rope is breaking after which Pari again falls into the well which makes everyone worried.

Rajeev becomes anxious after seeing Pari drowning in the water while Neeti becomes happy to see it and she smirks staring at Bebe.    

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