Parineeti 30th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th June 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th June 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 30th June 2023 episode starts with Rakesh telling Neeti that Rajeev is a man which means his character keeps slipping all the time.

He also scolds Neeti for not doing anything when Rajeev left the room with Pari in his arms and that Rajeev is not developing feelings for Pari because she is pretty but because Neeti has given him freedom.

As Neeti glares at Rakesh angrily, Rakesh makes her understand that Indian wives always keep their husbands close to them like an Anaconda snake but Neeti is an exception.

Bebe yells at Rakesh for not stopping Rajeev from carrying Pari in his arms but Rakesh rudely reminds them that he cannot be seen by Pari as he was wearing the green doctor coat.

At the same time, Neeti finally opens her mouth, claiming that she was feeling jealous seeing Rajeev with Pari.

Hearing this, Rakesh mockingly announces that he is going to marry Pari soon and Neeti needs Pari out of the house soon.

He also states that he will marry Pari but he will not take Pari home until the abortion is done when Bebe tells him that from now on she and Neeti will not support him anymore.

With this said, Rakesh walks out of the room and Neeti discovers the original D.N.A. report in Rakesh’s coat.

It makes her extremely angry so she throws it into the dustbin while Bebe urges Neeti to keep a close eye on Rajeev.

On the other hand, Chandrika asks Parminder if Rakesh will take care of Pari after the marriage but Parminder shouts that she does not care as Pari herself has chosen Rakesh.

Parminder further grumbles that Pari and Rajeev were ideal for each other yet now Pari has chosen Rakesh.

In the meantime, Pari questions Rajeev about why he is looking sad and Rajeev replies that he does not know how Pari will adjust in Rakesh’s house.

He reminds Pari about how she is soft and always needs someone to care for her as she keeps getting into trouble.

As Pari looks at Rajeev with tears, Rajeev puts his palms on her cheeks, saying that Pari always cries even if she is happy so now he is unsure she will stay at Rakesh’s house.

Rajeev desperately asks Pari how she will leave without Bajwa’s family, Neeti, and more importantly, him while Pari stare at Rajeev in shock.

She does not respond to why she is marrying Rakesh when Rajeev asks her this question.

Rajeev grumbles that he does not know why he has started caring more about Pari.

When Rajeev turns to leave, Pari stumbles on her feet and Rajeev catches her in his embrace which gets noticed by Rakesh who turns bright red in anger.

Rakesh, however, walks away without letting Pari or Rajeev know his presence and he promises himself that he will make sure Rajeev stays away from Pari after his marriage.

Just then, he meets Parminder in the hall who accuses Rakesh of taking advantage of Pari’s loneliness.

She also confronts Rakesh about how Daima took Pari to the basement despite him being in the hospital room but Bebe saves Rakesh by lying that Rakesh was ill after Pari’s disappearance.

Bebe even reminds Parminder that they need to let Pari marry Rakesh as she is already pregnant with his child.

Later, Rakesh orders Rajeev to stay away from Pari as he also deserves to take care of his wife.

Rajeev is about to say that Pari belongs to him but stops himself as he finds Neeti standing.

He then watches with visible jealousy as Rakesh starts dressing Pari's wound while Neeti's eyes are glued to Rajeev's actions.

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