Parineeti 30th June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 30th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti coming to meet Pari and she taunts her trying to provoke Pari to accept that she is Pari in reality not Parvati.

Meanwhile, Pari tries her best to refuse to accept this thing that she is Parvati and she tries to make Neeti believe that she is Parvati but Neeti does not believe in her and says that no one can make her fool.

Neeti says that she is still the same Neeti so no one can try to deceive her and she tells Parvati that everyone in Pind used to say that Neeti is clever and intelligent.

She takes out her phone and records and asks Parvati to accept that she is Pari not Parvati but she tells Neeti that she isn't Pari while Neeti becomes violent with her and holds her neck.

After that, Parvati starts to yell then Ambika comes there along with Rajeev and she scolds Neeti for trying to harm Parvati after that Rajeev asks Neeti to leave Paravati but she does not leave her.

Then, Ambika shouts at her and says that she will call the police if she does not leave Parvati so Neeti leaves her and Rajeev takes Neeti back to the house.

Rajeev after coming back to the house scolds Neeti for pestering Parvati after which Neeti tells him that she is Pari not Parvati and says that she saw the same pendant in Parvati's hand that Pari used to wear.

She searches for the pendant when Rajeev asks her to show it but she has lost it on the way, then Rajeev asks Neeti to have a checkup of her brain and requests her to stop creating chaos every time.

Parvati comes over there then Neeti asks her why has she come there then Parvati says that she is Pari after which Neeti again starts her drama which makes Rajeev angry and he scolds Neeti.

After that, Parvati pushes Neeti which makes Gurinder angry and she asks Parvati what is she trying to do then Parvati indirectly taunts Gurinder and asks why didn't she say anything to Neeti when she tried to kill her.

Rajeev tells Parvati that she is having some misunderstanding and tells her that Gurinder was trying to stop Neeti from harming her and he says that even he was there at that time.

Parvati says that she knows very well that he was there too and says that Neeti has lost her senses that's why she is behaving weirdly while Ambika terrifies Neeti for doing wrong with Parvati.

Then, an inspector comes there and tells everyone that they have come there to arrest Neeti for murdering Pari.

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