Parineeti 30th March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 30th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari telling Neeti and the lawyer about Madhu’s truth which sparkles Neeti’s eye.

Neeti suggests that Mr. Walia’s servant or housework can help them in disclosing Madhu’s truth but the lawyer says that it will not work.

After that, Pari says that Janki can help them as she was also upset by Madhu during the party after which the lawyer says that she works for Mr. Walia so she won’t get ready to help her.

Neeti also supports the Lawyer but Pari tells them that tomorrow is the first hearing when they can do something for Rajeev otherwise they will lose him forever.

The lawyer gets convinced and they decide to meet Janki after which they reach Janki’s house and ask them to help Rajeev.

Janki denies and says that she cannot go against  Mr. Walia as she works for his family after which Pari requests her to help her after which Janki’s heart melts and she decides to help them.

Pari thanks her and asks her to not change her mind whereas Pammi prays to god and asks him to help them in their critical time.

Later on the next day, Chandrika motivates Pammi and asks her to have positive thinking after which Pammi wipes off her tears and they go to court.

Meanwhile, Pari meets Rajeev before entering the court and she gives him prasad and says that nothing wrong will happen with him.

Rajeev says that until she is there for him then nothing wrong can happen with him after which Pari tells him that she has got solid evidence against Madhu.

After that, Constable takes Rajeev inside the court while Pari calls Janki and asks her to come on time.

Madhu notices Pari smiling after which she murmurs that soon Pari’s smile will change into grief while Rushad comes there and says that today Rajeev’s crime will come in front of everyone.

He assures Madhu that nothing wrong will happen and says that he loves her a lot after which Madhu hugs him and smirks.

On the other hand, Rajeev’s lawyer meets the lawyer who is fighting Madhu’s case after which he gets to know that he is his guru.

Rajeev’s lawyer hesitates in front of him while he asks Rajeev’s lawyer to not fight Rajeev’s case otherwise, he will ruin his career.

Then, Rajeev’s lawyer becomes afraid and tells Neeti that he cannot fight Rajeev’s case which makes Neeti tense.

Bajwa family asks Neeti what happened after which Neeti tells them that the lawyer is refusing to take Rajeev’s case which makes everyone anxious.

Pari becomes worried and decides to convince the lawyer while Neeti also decides to come along with Pari after which the whole Bajwa family goes to talk to him.

They ask the Lawyer to fight Rajeev's case, but he tells them that the lawyer hired by Madhu is very successful and that if he goes against him then he will ruin his career.

Neeti gets angry and asks how he can change his mind at the last moment after which Pammi asks what they will do next as all hope seems to shatter.

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