Parineeti 30th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 30th May 2023 episode starts with Mr. Ahlawat ordering his goon to take the police inspector’s chair so he can sit.

As the goon brings the chair for Mr. Ahlawat, the police inspector arrives at the police station out of nowhere and takes it away from under Mr. Ahlawat.

Mr. Ahlawat stumbles due to this while the inspector makes it clear that it is his chair so only he can decide who will sit on it.

He then rudely orders the inspector to arrest Sanju Mehra for kidnapping Rakesh yet the police officer denies it.

He states that Mr. Ahlawat needs to wait for twenty-four hours before lodging a missing report.

On the other hand, Rakesh is dragging Pari out of the Bajwa house while Pari pleads with him to let her go.

She forcefully removes her hand from Rakesh’s hand, yelling that this baby belongs to Neeti and Rajeev only and that someone must have forged the D.N.A. report.

Rakesh orders Pari to accept the fact that she is the Ahlawat family’s daughter-in-law now and that the baby growing in Pari’s stomach is the Ahlawat family’s heir.

Before he can take Pari away, Rajeev appears in front of Rakesh and orders Rakesh to step away from Pari.

Rakesh smugly urges Rajeev to step aside as Pari belongs to him only which makes Rajeev extremely angry and both of them start fighting each other.

When Rakesh pins Rajeev to the floor, Neeti picks up a brick and hits Rakesh with it, causing him to fall unconscious.

Inside the Bajwa house, Gurinder is having panic attacks as she cannot accept that Pari is not carrying her grandchild.

Chandrika urges Gurinder to calm down when Bebe appears out of nowhere and starts gaslighting Gurinder against Pari.

Bebe announces that she has realized why Pari wanted to abort the kid as Pari wanted to keep her affair with Rakesh private.

Gurinder’s breathing quickens after hearing this, so Chandrika takes Gurinder away from Bebe.

Once Gurinder and Chandrika walk away, Bebe feels proud of her plan as the whole Bajwa house is crumbling due to the news.

Whereas Rajveer gets a call from the same police inspector who informs him about Mr. Ahlawat thinking Sanju has kidnapped Rakesh.

Cutting the call, Rajveer breaks the news to everyone when Rajeev walks in with unconscious Rakesh and Pari, and Neeti.

Rajeev reveals that Neeti attacked Rakesh with a brick and Parminder orders Rajeev to hide Rakesh till Mr. Ahlawat's thread gets removed, otherwise, everyone will have to go to jail.

As per the order, Rajeev and Amit tie Rakesh to the chair in a room and Amit orders Rajeev to drop Rakesh home as soon as he comes to consciousness.

Meanwhile, Bebe confesses to Neeti that she was the one who bribed the delivery guy to change the reports, and Neeti thanks Bebe for her smart move.

Both Neeti and Bebe then go to instigate Parminder against Pari but their efforts are in vain as Parminder makes it clear that she knows Pari can never do something like this.

On the other hand, Mr. Ahlawat and his goon accuse Rajeev of keeping Rakesh hidden in the Bajwa house when Rajeev opens the door.

Rajeev and Rajveer almost successfully send Mr. Ahlawat away when Ahlawat notices Rakesh's watch on the floor.

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