Parineeti 30th May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 30th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti coming to Rajeev's room and noticing that Gurinder is scolding Rajeev and Pari so she asks them what is happening there.

Rajeev tells Neeti that Gurinder is scolding him because he was again marrying Pari on the terrace in front of god which provoked Gurinder's anger and she yells at him and Pari for it.

Neeti feels bad but she ignores it and tells Pari that she was missing her and was searching for her everywhere in the house after which Pari tells her that she is with her.

Pari hugs her while Neeti takes her from there inside her room and asks her to close the tap so Pari goes to close the tap while Neeti intentionally closes the door from outside and Bebe asks her what is going inside her mind.

Neeti tells her that she does not want Pari to ruin her engagement whereas Pari feels suffocating inside and she ask Neeti to open the door then Neeti lies to her that the door is unlocked from outside so it might be locked from inside.

Pari checks the door and says that it is open whereas Neeti asks her to not shout or ask for help from anyone as she does not want guests to get worried.

Neeti lies to her that she has called the carpenter after that she goes from there and finds Babli over there whereas Babli gets to know from Monty that Rajeev is going to marry Neeti.

Babli becomes anxious and asks Rajeev why is he doing all these things after which Rajeev tells her that he is doing all these things for Pari's happiness which confuses Babli.

She decides to meet Pari but she collides with Neeti and asks her why is she marrying Rajeev even after knowing that he is already married to Pari so Neeti tries to make her feel jealous by saying that Rajeev deserves her, not Pari.

Babli becomes angry and asks why is she ruining Pari's life after which Neeti starts laughing and says that she is doing all these things for Pari and she tells Babli that she is going to become Rajeev's child's mother which surprises Babli.

She goes to meet Pari and finds that she has been locked inside the washroom after which Babli manages to open the door and meets Pari and asks her why is she allowing Neeti to marry Rajeev.

Pari does not say anything as she talks to Neha's mother and gets to know that the door is not locked from the outside and she asks Babli to not ask questions to her right now as she has to solve a puzzle that is going on.

Meanwhile, the jeweler comes there along with the ring after which Bebe asks Rajeev and Neeti to exchange the rings while Rajeev is still lost in Pari's thoughts and is not feeling good while exchanging the ring with Neeti.

Pari comes there and says that this engagement cannot take place which surprises everyone

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