Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 30th November 2023 episode starts with Rajeev and his family arriving, coincidentally encountering Neeti and her mother outside the courthouse.

Neeti shows arrogance to Pari while Pari tells Rajeev that she never gets hurt by the things that Neeti says to her.

Rajeev asks her to keep her self-respect above the love and concern for Neeti while Pari says that if she puts her ego aside, it might happen that their relationship will be resolved.

He adds that after last night, his feelings for Neeti are lost forever while Neeti asks Pammi to shut Rajeev’s mouth.

Pammi takes Rajeev’s side, saying that this time he is correct therefore, she will support him while Neeti jabs at Rajeev, calling his family toxic.

She thanks god that finally she is getting out of such a toxic relationship and compares Rajeev’s family to ill-mannered people, provoking Pammi’s anger.

Pammi scolds Neeti when just then, the lawyer comes there, saying that the judge is going to come in a few minutes leading Sukhwinder to take Neeti along with her inside the court.

Meanwhile, Rajeev asks the event manager to print one card of his and Pari’s wedding as early as possible after that, he goes inside the court.

Inside the court, lawyers continue to argue but the Judge tells them that he will decide whether Rajeev and Neeti will stay together or not.

Pari says that they cannot live away, asking the Judge to decide by thinking from all aspects.

Further, the Judge asks Neeti about the reason behind their divorce, making her say that Rajeev ditched her for Pari.

She adds that her husband had cheated on her along with her best friend while the Judge says that he is accepting the application.

Later, Neeti insists on declaring the judgment as soon as possible as she cannot live with him anymore.

The judge puts the case in fast-track mode and asks them to mutually decide as then, they will be granted divorce in less than six months.

Neeti comes home and tells her mother that she wants to go to Rajeev when he comes there and tells her that he loved her with whole heart and never deceived her.

He says that Neeti’s anger after learning about his marriage with Pari was legit but he never expected third-class behaviour from Neeti where she always disrespected his family and Pari.

Rajveer indirectly lashes out at her, saying that she crossed her limits every time but this time he comes up with a solution for that which confuses Neeti.

He tells her that she will never mention Pari characterless anymore and tells Neeti that he is going to marry her which breaks Neeti’s heart as she is not able to process it.

Rajeev tells her that his family now genuinely wants Pari as their daughter-in-law therefore, they won’t feel bad if Neeti goes and tells them that they love Pari more.

He says that he is giving his first card to a special person that is Neeti and wants to move on in his life for Pari’s self-respect and his love.

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