Parineeti 30th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 30th October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti's written update

Today's Parineeti 30th October 2023 episode starts with Neeti asking Rajeev to leave her and go to Pari as she is angry with him while he tries to convince Neeti by hugging her.

Meanwhile, Pari tells God that she never had a thought that Neeti would be so disappointed in her up to such an extent that she would start harming her.

On the other hand, Rajeev asks Neeti why is she saying so Neeti tells him to go and wipes off the tears of Pari as she might be crying in a corner.

Then, Rajeev gets up and goes from there while Neeti shouts at him, saying that he is searching for an opportunity so that he can go to see Pari.

Rajeev says that Neeti has changed now and gives her justification that he loves her the most as he has fought with everyone to spend his life with her.

However, Neeti taunts him for making her feel bad as if she is the wrong person.

Meanwhile, Rajeev still says that he loves Neeti only while she asks him to go and ask Pari to keep Karwa Chauth fast for him as Neeti decides that she will not fast for him.

Rajeev says that he will never put boundation on her to keep fast for him after which he goes from there while Neeti sleeps whereas Pari prays to god to unite Rajeev and Neeti.

The next day, Bebe sits with Parminder and Gurinder while Parminder makes faces seeing her so Bebe says that she is going from there while Gurinder stops her from going.

Gurinder asks Parminder why she is decorating three karwa thaals and clears from her that if the third thaal is for Pari or someone else.

Parminder says that thaal is for Pari as she is also the wife of Rajeev so she also has the right to fast for Rajeev.

Bebe tells them that Neeti is going to suicide if she witnesses this and requests Parminder to not break Neeti’s heart by doing all this stuff.

After that, Pari goes to call Neeti but she collides with Rajeev on the way who asks her where is she going while she tells him that she is going to bring Neeti to Sargi (Karva Chauth food ladies eat in the morning).

Then, Pari goes into Neeti’s room and finds Neeti dressed up in a red suit and she asks Neeti if she is fine or not while Neeti tells her that she is fine.

Pari asks her to come downstairs for Sargi but Neeti asks her to not keep any contact with her whereas Chandrika taunts her husband for not helping her with household chores.

Amit tells her that he helped her last night when she asked for a pillow from him so he bought it for her whereas Neeti comes downstairs and Gurinder says that she is feeling good after seeing her.

Then, she asks Rajeev and Neeti to come as a couple and they take blessings from her.

Gurinder blesses Neeyi to have a happy and successful married life whereas Parminder tells everyone to not break fast in between and Pari says that she will help in doing the household chores as she has not kept the fast.

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