Parineeti 31st August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st August 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st August 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 31st August 2023 episode starts with Pari falling to the ground unconsciously.

She tries to keep her eyes open but fails miserably which results in her falling on the floor while she keeps mumbling Rajeev's name on her lips.

Just then, the nurse and Shambhu arrive in the room and they drag Pari out of the hospital room on a stretcher.

As Pari is still not fully unconscious, she can see Shambhu and the nurse's faces while the few drops of Pari's blood fall on the floor.

After Pari is gone from the room, Parminder enters the room frantically since she has gotten a text from Pari, looking at Rajeev with confusion because he is sleeping soundly.

Parminder mutters that she does not understand why Pari sent her the text that Rajeev's life is at risk as Rajeev is completely fine when she notices some blood drops on the floor.

Staring at the blood, Parminder suddenly starts freaking out, thinking that Pari must be in danger so she wakes up Rajeev who cannot recall where Pari has gone.

When Parminder meets Chandrika and Monty, she questions them about Pari's whereabouts and Monty advises Parminder not to worry since he is sure Pari has gone to meet the doctor.

On the other hand, the nurse and Shambhu lock Pari in the Xerox room, saying that once the gas starts filling the room Pari's baby will die first.

Shambhu orders the nurse to charge more money from Neeti as they have taken a huge risk while the nurse informs him that Pari can scream as long as she wants but no one will be able to hear it since this room is soundproof.

She then injects the poisonous gas into the AC vent and they both walk away from there whereas Pari starts coming back to consciousness slowly.

Pari glances at the room in confusion, muttering that she has seen Shambhu and the nurse with Neeti while she assures her baby that she will not let anything happen to the baby.

In the meantime, Bebe starts urging God to kill Pari and her baby for Neeti's happiness, saying that Neeti's life is ruined by the arrival of the baby in Pari's womb.

Hearing this, Neeti advises Bebe not to say such a thing as they should ask the god for someone's death which makes Bebe close her mouth.

Elsewhere, Parminder informs Chandrika and Monty that she has found blood in Rajeev's hospital room and about Pari's text to her which means that maybe Pari is in danger.

Parminder even notices Neeti and Bebe standing at a distance so she questions Neeti about what she is doing here but Bebe replies on Neeti's behalf that Neeti was worried for Rajeev which is why she brought Neeti here.

Hearing this, Parminder nods her head and goes to talk to the receptionist to find out where Pari has gone while Monty calls the police officer for help.

Realizing that everyone is looking for Pari, Neeti turns pale in worry while Bebe advises Neeti to behave calmly otherwise Parminder will realize that Neeti is behind Pari being missing.

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