Parineeti 31st December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st December 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st December 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 31st December 2023 episode starts with Neeti crying in front of Bebe when she tells Neeti that Rajeev has forgotten her whereas Neeti says that she is waiting for Pari to die so that she can marry Rajeev.

Bebe murmurs that Neeti is foolish as she easily gets manipulated by her an says that Neeti is just a part of her game plan.

After this, she asks Neeti if Pari will not die then what will she do?

Neeti says that Pari has to die at any cost whereas Pari asks Rajeev to wake up because he is lying unconscious so she tries to take him out from there but fire catches all the house.

On the other hand, Bebe tells Neeti that if anything happens to Rajeev then what will she do whereas Neeti does not listen to her and Bebe says that Rajeev has done black magic on her.

Meanwhile, Pammi prays to god to do good with Pari as she has suffered a lot and says that she has a fear that something wrong will happen with her kids.

She asks god to protect them as tomorrow is their wedding and prays for their wellness while Pari takes care of Rajeev and says that she won’t let anything happen to Rajeev.

Miraculously Rajeev gains some consciousness and hugs Pari saying that nothing wrong will happen to him until Pari is there for him.

On the other hand, the guard tells family members that they are not able to find Pari anywhere because the fire is spreading at the speed of water so it’s impossible to save her.

Everyone panics for them whereas Monty says that he will go to bring back them while Neeti tells Bebe that Pari will die for sure.

Meanwhile, Rajeev tells Pari that the fire has spread throughout the whole house so they have to do something to get out of there otherwise they will die.

They try to get out whereas Gurinder asks Pammi why she sent Rajeev inside to die in fire and asks her why she put Rajeev’s life at stake for Pari.

Pammi gives her justification but Gurinder is not ready to listen to her and warns her if anything wrong happens to Rajeev, then she will not leave her whereas Pammi tells her that Rajeev is equally important to her also.

Pammi asks Gurinder to not make such allegations against her but Gurinder does not listen to her while Rajeev tries his best to bring Pari out of the house.

Pari looks at his face and she can see love in Rajeev’s eye for her and he asks her if she is fine or not.

Pari murmurs that he is a very nice person as he always takes care of her and she says that she feels safe just by being at his side whereas Neeti panics and says that Pari should die at any cost.

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