Parineeti 31st January 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 31st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 31st January 2024 episode starts with Chandrika saying that Neeti must be up to something.

Meanwhile, Daljeet tells Rakesh that something is off which makes Rakesh break into a fight with him.

Rakesh says that he is mad at Neeti and she will have to pay for what she did.

Daljeet asks if he still loves Pari to which Rakesh says that until Pari was pure and untouched he was madly in love with her but now she belongs to Sanju.

Back at the hospital, Pari tells Pammi that she can do anything for Neeti after which Pari says that Neeti has changed back to how she was.

Pammi agrees with her while Pari says that she got her childhood best friend back.

Meanwhile, Bebe tells Gurinder that Neeti is just putting on an act in front of everyone to win their trust so that she can take her revenge.

Gurinder says that Neeti does not have patience at all otherwise she would have succeeded with her past strategies.

Bebe reveals that she was behind all of Neeti's strategies which makes Gurinder shocked.

Seeing that Gurinder is going to yell at her, Bebe laughs and says that she is just kidding however Gurinder is not convinced.

Back at the hospital, Pammi tells Pari that Neeti must have realized that Sanju is in love with Pari now.

Sanju pays for Neeti's hospital bills when the doctor informs him, Pari, and Pammi, that Neeti has forgotten a few of her memories because of the accident.

She says that Neeti has forgotten the time before the accident, it can be a few months or a few years.

Elsewhere, Rakesh says that Neeti has become like she was when he met her for the first time.

Meanwhile, Pari goes to Neeti's room and gets very excited about seeing her.

Neeti says that she is fit and fine as no illness can stop her from flying after which she tells the doctors that she is going to become an air hostess which makes Pari understand the length of time that Neeti has forgotten.

Neeti says that she was coming to attend Pari's meeting with Rajeev but she got into the accident.

Neeti says that Rajeev came to her in anger and she did not even understand why he was so angry but then she got to the court and understood everything.

She says that Pari has a very nice family and she is very happy for her however then her head starts to pain.

The doctor attends to her after which Neeti tells Pari that she feels that some parts of her memories are lost and she wants to know the truth.

Neeti wants to know the truth and is very nervous after which she asks Pari to promise that she will tell her the truth.

Pari starts crying and thinks to herself that Neeti is not pretending and has lost her memories.

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