Parineeti 31st March 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Bebe saying that now they cannot do anything and she blames Neeti for bringing such kind of lawyer who denies it at the last moment.

Meanwhile, Monty comes there and asks what happened after which Rajveer tells him everything whereas Madhu smirks and murmurs that now she will enjoy seeing Rajeev going behind the bar.

Madhu asks her lawyer to do anything to win the case whereas someone suggests a lawyer to Pari who is making a reel outside the court whereas Pari feels that he cannot do anything.

Balli praises himself after which Monty gives him details of Rajeev's case and asks him to fight on his behalf after which the hearing begins with Rajeev coming inside the court and the lawyer proceeds with their arguments.

Pammi tells Pari that she is afraid that Madhu will buy Jankee by bribing her but Pari asks her to have faith whereas Madhu receives a call from someone after which she goes outside to receive the call.

Meanwhile, Pari notices her and wonders if she is going out to stop Janki Ji from coming inside after which Pari follows her.

Madhu talks with her friend on the phone and says that she will give her party if the judge decides in her favor.

Just then, Pari comes there and overhears her conversation turns Madhu in front of her, and slaps her tightly which makes Madhu feel offended.

Madhu stares at her and asks her how she dared to slap her after which Pari asks her what she wants from Rajeev.

Pari holds her hands and scolds her but Madhu does not realize her mistake and tells Pari confidently that she cannot harm her.

Madhu reminds Pari that Rushad loves her a lot and he believes in everything she tells him.

Pari laughs at her and says that soon Madhu’s karma will hit her then she will realize her mistake and no one will be with her to support her in her bad activities.

Madhu smirks and asks Pari not to waste her time by giving a lecture and she says she is getting late for the judge’s hearing.

She also breaks Pari’s heart by saying that she is eagerly waiting for the judge to declare Rajeev a molester after which he will be heavily punished.

Pari gives a befitting reply to Madhu and tells her that Rajeev is innocent so nothing wrong can happen to him after which Madhu starts laughing and asks Pari to wake up from a dream.

After that, Madhu goes from there but Pari holds her hands and says that Madhu will go inside the bar to manipulate everyone.

Just then, Rushad comes there and asks Pari what she is doing with Madhu after which Pari asks him to directly ask from Madhu.

Rushad asks Pari to leave Madhu’s hand but Pari asks him to leave her hand forever and says that Madhu is a fraud who is using him for her benefit.

Pari tells him that he has awakened a wife inside her who will fight for her husband until he gets justice after which Rushad asks Pari to keep her mouth quiet.

Meanwhile, Pari gets angry and asks him to keep his mouth quiet which makes Rushad angry over Pari.

Pari tells him that soon he will get to know Madhu’s truth after which his love for her will come to an end which makes Madhu anxious.

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