Parineeti 31st May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st May 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st May 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 31st May 2023 episode starts with Mr. Ahlawat questioning Rajeev about Rakesh’s watch.

Rajeev quickly makes up a lie that it is his wristwatch that Rajveer brought for him from London and Rajveer thanks Ahlawat for finding the watch so easily.

Rajveer further butters Mr. Ahlawat by saying that people vote for Ahlawat as he has such a sharp gaze while Mr. Ahlawat orders them not to lie to him.

At the same time, Neeti approaches Rajeev, and as Mr. Ahlawat’s eyes fall on Neeti, he remarks that his and Rakesh’s every enemy is here.

Mr. Ahlawat orders Rajeev to check the watch since his and his wife’s initials are written on it which causes Rajeev to frantically check the watch.

Looking at Rajeev’s face, Mr. Ahlawat announces that he is a politician who fools everyone yet Rajeev had the audacity to try to fool him.

He orders Rajeev to watch his back all the time as their bad time has started now and also that he will find where Rakesh is at any cost.

Meanwhile, Bebe tries to gaslight Parminder by saying that she cannot believe that Pari can betray Parminder as Parminder treated Pari like her own daughter while Parminder sighs.

Bebe then drags Gurinder inside the room to ask her if she thinks Pari is carrying Rakesh’s baby and Gurinder sternly replies that the reports are right since Pari is carrying Rakesh’s baby.

Just then, Gurpreet walks in with Pari, and Bebe again starts humiliating Pari for betraying everyone’s trust as she cannot even think how Pari can cheat on everyone.

Gurpreet gets angry after hearing this so she questions Bebe what is her problem with Pari as she always finds a way to blame Pari.

Neeti softly states that they did the D.N.A. test to clear Pari’s name yet the report has turned out to be different.

However, before Neeti and Bebe can humiliate Pari any longer, Rajeev appears at the doorway and makes it clear that the report must be forged as Pari is very pure.

Pari and Gurpreet look at Rajeev with admiration whereas Neeti burns with jealousy.

After everyone walks away, Chandrika comments that Rajeev has started liking Pari to which Gurinder sternly replies that Rajeev is married to Neeti only.

On the other hand, Bebe tries to calm Neeti down by saying that Rajeev will start loving Neeti once again when Neeti yells that she wants the love that he has for Pari.

Meanwhile, Gurpreet thanks Rajeev for standing up for Pari when everyone is against her and Rajeev wipes the tears from Gurpreet's eyes.

Gurpreet confesses that she was angry at Rajeev for marrying Neeti behind Pari's back but today Rajeev has won her trust once again.

This whole conversation gets overheard by Neeti who informs Bebe that she herself alerted Mr. Ahlawat that Rakesh is here so they could get rid of Rakesh.

Later, when Rakesh wakes up from his dizzy state, he yells that he is hungry so Chandrika brings food to feed him.

As he is about to eat, he notices Bebe and Neeti standing near the door so he calls Neeti a "reptile" and Bebe "a rude elderly lady".

Rakesh announces he will tell Neeti's truth to everyone but Neeti quickly tapes Rakesh's mouth yelling that he is lying.

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