Parineeti 31st October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 31st October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 31st October 2023 episode starts with Pari thanking Babaji for giving her the opportunity to keep a fast for Rajeev while Neeti wonders if Pari has kept the fast for Rajeev or not.

Just then, Parminder notices her and tells her to come sit with them and eat the Sargi food but Bebe refuses.

However, Parminder states that even Rajeev and Amit are eating even though they are not fasting and tells Pari to sit with them.

Further, Parminder gives the Shagun to Neeti and Chandrika while Gurinder tells her to keep the other Shagun away the daughters-in-law have been given their gifts.

On the other hand, Neeti is walking away recalling Pari telling her that she has not kept a fast when Rajeev comes there and tells her to not keep the fast if she's only doing it for the family members.

She angrily tells him to not tell her what to do as she has not forgiven her yet and that he should care about Neeti.

He tells her that he's only worried about her since she was sick but she walks away as Pari watches their interaction.

Meanwhile, Gurinder is speaking on call while Bebe comes there and talks to her about Pari and Neeti both being her daughters-in-law.

Gurinder states that she only considers Neeti her daughter-in-law and Bebe suggests she make sure that Pari eats something so that it is confirmed that she is not keeping the fast.

Pari is in her room cleaning it up when Paprminder comes there with bangles for her.

She gives them to Pari and states that even if housemates don't consider her Rajeev's wife, she is and she has her special place in their hearts apart from Neeti.

Pari smiles as she thanks Parminder who leaves as Pari wishes that everything gets better between Rajeev and Neeti now.

In Neeti's room, she is looking for a balm to soothe her headache as she cannot consume the headache pills Rajeev comes there and helps her look for them.

He gives her the pills while she tells him that she has kept the Karvachauth fast.

Rajeev apologizes to her stating that he has made a mistake and Neeti emotionally asks him why he makes all the mistakes with her only.

Further, Rajeev brings the balm for her and massages her while making her sit in front of the dressing mirror so that she can watch them together.

She stands up to walk away while he stops her and asks her if she feels anything.

Neeti does not say anything and tries to walk away but her dupatta gets stuck in his watch making them have a moment to look into each other's eyes.

On the other hand, Pari prays to Babaji for everything to get better with Neeti and Rajeev while Gurinder takes her away and makes her sit on the dining table to feed her.

She makes an excuse that it is good Pari did not keep the fast since she is pregnant and talks about how much Pari is doing for her friend Neeti.

Just as Gurinder is about to feed her, Parminder knocks on her chair making Gurinder's suit stain with the food.

Gurinder and Parminder rush to clean the stain while Pari stands relieved.

However, recalling feeding Pari, Gurinder goes back to the dining table and tries to feed her when she gets shocked to see the lunch plate empty.

She gets happy and leaves while Pari apologizes as she recalls putting the food away in another dish.

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