Parineeti 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Pari breaking down when the police take away Rajeev from her.

Meanwhile, Chandrika comes and consoles Pari motivating her to not lose hope, and asks her to do something to bring back Rajeev.

Pari asks her what should she do after which Chandrika tells her that the judge has already made her decision and she will declare it tomorrow.

She asks Pari to do something so that the judge can change her decision which opens Pari’s eyes and she decides not to waste her tears.

Pari assures Chandrika that she will utilize this night to find solid evidence against Madhu whereas Rajveer asks Pammi to eat something as she does not eat anything.

Pammi keeps on crying and saying that she cannot eat anything while Balli returns the money to Paru but she refuses to take it and says that this money belongs to his hard work.

She tells him that sometimes things happen for a reason which motivates Balli and he decides to help Pari after which they go to Madhu’s house but they notice tight security over there.

Balli says that something is happening in the house after which they decide to enter inside but security stops them from going inside.

Then, Balli makes a plan and he asks for help from a few waiters but they demean Rajeev and are about to go from there after which Balli beats on their forehead and exchange the uniform with them.

After that, Pari and Balli enter inside while Rushad asks Madhu why she kept so much on guard after which she tells him that today’s night is very important so she doesn't want any chaos and says that Pari will try hard to come inside their hotel.

She demeans Rajeev after which Rushad asks her what she thinks about him after which she kisses his forehead and murmurs that he is a fool who always does the things that she wants.

Meanwhile, Dadi notices Rushad and Madhu enjoying drinks and murmurs that Madhu has done black magic on Rushad which is why he does not listen to anyone.

On the other hand, Pari and Balli meet a waiter after which they make an excuse and go from there while that waiter chases them but Pari and Balli hide behind the curtains so that she cannot see them.

Pari becomes anxious and tells Ballu that they have to collect the evidence as early as possible otherwise they will get caught by Madhu whereas that waiter goes to inform Madhu about Pari and Balli.

As the waiter leaves the room, Balli and Pari come out while Pari becomes anxious and starts to shiver after which Balli asks her to not panic and to search for evidence calmly which removes Pari's stress up to an extent.

After that, she pours the water into a box that Madhu gave to Rajeev to prove him innocent in the court while Balli tells Pari that after seeing the bed's condition anyone can tell that something wrong has happened there.

Pari tells him that Madhu has done wrong with Rajeev and after that, she is about to leave the house along with Balli but Madhu comes there which makes Pari shocked.

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