Parineeti 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Rajeev kissing Pari on both her cheeks after which he is about to go for her lips however someone knocks on their door.

Rajeev opens the door but finds Neeti at the door asking where the kitchen is.

Pari takes her to the kitchen while Pammi follows them as she suspects Neeti after which Neeti teases Pari as it is her first night.

Meanwhile, Pammi tells Rajeev that she knows Neeti is lying and she must have bribed the doctors to which Rajeev says that even he suspected Neeti however the doctor confirmed that Neeti is ill.

Pammi says that the doctor can lie to them as well however Rajeev says that he believes Neeti this time.

Neeti and Pari enter and tease Rajeev after which Neeti says that both Pari and Rajeev are the same.

Pari asks Neeti if they can go now which makes Neeti very excited and she whispers into Rajeev's ears not to trouble Pari a lot as she is very tired.

Rajeev says that Pammi is standing right here which makes Neeti say that she has a bad habit of saying anything in front of anyone.

Later, Pammi tells Neeti that tomorrow is Pari's first cooking ritual which makes Neeti ask her to let Pari make the gajar halwa(carrot pudding) as she is amazing in that.

Meanwhile, Pari loses her balance which makes Rajeev say that it is because of their baby that she is carrying 

Rajeev tells Pari to take some rest as their baby needs rest after which he takes her to the bed and says that he will pat her until she is asleep.

The next day, Pammi looks at Neeti while everyone is sitting and wonders if she sits next to Rajeev or not however to her surprise Neeti makes Pari sit over there.

Neeti starts serving the gajar halwa that Pari made and finds out that Rajeev likes to eat it cold which makes Neeti say that Rajeev's preferences are exactly like hers.

She says that now she will eat the rest of the halwa by herself to which Rajeev says that Neeti can eat her part and can even take his share if she wants to.

Neeti says that Rajeev should not become exactly like Pari who is a sweet little girl but instead merge each other's good qualities into each other.

Pari says that Neeti should quickly end her lecture or else the food will go cold after which Pari hugs her which makes Neeti say that now Pari should start smiling more as Rajeev is a perfect match for her.

Neeti then eats the halwa and thinks to herself that it is perfect just like she used to make in Pind, Pari looks at her with a huge smile while Neeti calls her the best.

She also says that she will miss this a lot with tears in her eyes after which she excuses herself to the room.

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