Parineeti 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rajeev arguing with Parvati and saying that she is only Pari, not Parvati, which angers Parva.

She yells over him after that he says that even her best friend Neeti also says the same thing that she is Pari not Parvati.

Parvati becomes angry and says she gets irritated after seeing him and asks him to stay away from her as he will not achieve anything by coming close to her.

Rajeev again repeats the same thing and says that he considers her Pari which makes her angry and she says she is the daughter of a successful tycoon Ambika.

She tells him that he will not achieve anything by doing all these things and she ends the project Parivartan which she did with his company.

After that, Parvati goes to jail to meet Neeti after that inspector asks the constable to take Pari so that she can meet Neeti.

Parvati says that she isn’t her friend and she has some proof which will make the case strong then he asks the constable to bring Neeti there.

She brings Neeti out of the cell after that she flexes in front of the lady who is in the jail along with her and says that her fiancé has come to take her away from the jail.

Neeti notices Parvati over there and asks her what is she doing there after that Parvati asks her to behave well otherwise she will make another complaint against her.

Parvati tells her that she is going to assign a new developer for her project instead of Rajeev after which Neeti stares at him and asks what is she trying to say.

Meanwhile, Neeti shows the pendant which she found in her house and says that it is the same necklace that Rajeev gifted to Pari and she lies to the inspector that Neeti has robbed her home.

Neeti becomes angry whereas Parvati tells the in that Babli gave that necklace to her while Neeti robbed the necklace and was giving her threat to kill her so she should be charged for that too which surprises Neeti.

Inspector assures Pari that they will look after it while Neeti says that she will not leave Parvati then she tells Neeti to have a good time inside the bar and never think of coming out of the jail.

Neeti asks the inspector to let her go from there but Constable takes her inside the jail while Pari says that now she will never think of killing anyone.

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