Parineeti 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Neeti hitting Pari with her car after which Pari has a serious injury and becomes unconscious while Neeti quickly runs away from there.

Gurinder reads the message sent by Neeti after which she stands up from the bed and Pammi is shocked to see her fine suddenly.

She asks her what she read in the message that she got well after which Gurinder lies to her that she received a message from her Satsang group in which Guru Ji asked her to not procrastinate the things.

Gurinder stands up and asks Rajeev to continue the engagement whereas Neeti recalls how she hit Pari by car and thinks that Pari is dead whereas Pari is still alive and she asks a stranger to help her reach the home early.

Later, Neeti meets Gurinder after which and tells her everything while Gurinder says that she did right and she asks Neeti to come along with Rajeev and continue the engagement.

Rajeev asks about Pari so Gurinder lies to him that she saw her going outside after which Rajeev goes and sits along with Neeti and is about to exchange the ring with her but Pari comes there at the exact time.

Pari is not able to stand properly but anyhow she manages to come there while Pammi notices her and Rajeev leaves the engagement and goes to see Pari as she falls unconscious and her head bleeds heavily which makes Rajeev anxious.

Neeti becomes terrified to see Pari over there while Pari suddenly wakes up from sleep and notices that she has been sleeping in her room after that she comes out of the room and meets Mahua.

Mahua becomes happy to see Pari fine while Pari asks where everyone after which Mahua is tells her that everyone has gone to functions of Rajeev and Neeti after that she asks about Rajeev.

Then, Mahua tells her that he has gone to book tickets for everyone while Mahua tells her that she is happy to see her fine after three days while Pari is shocked that she was unconscious for three days.

Mahua also tells her that Rajeev has placed a camera in her room so that he can keep track of people coming in her room and she also informs her that Rajeev has stopped living happily ever since she became unconscious which breaks Pari's heart.

After that, Pari meets Gurinder and asks for an apology from her and says that Neeti is a monster for their family while Gurinder behaves like she does not know anything.

She cries and goes back to her room and awaits for Rajeev to come back and regrets forcing Rajeev to marry Neeti instead of believing him that Neeti is playing tactics with them

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