Parineeti 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 3rd March 2023 episode starts with everyone turning around to see Rajeev coming out of his room in a groom’s attire.

Rajeev gives Neeti a cheerful smile who does not return the same warmth in her smile.

As the wedding ritual begins, Neeti continues shooting daggers at Pari through her eyes which gives goosebumps to Pari but Pari does not say anything.

Neeti hesitates for a brief moment to put her hand on Rajeev’s hand when the priest orders her to put her hand in Rajeev’s.

The memory of Rajeev circling around with Pari comes flooding back to her but she keeps her facial expression calm.

Meanwhile, the priest orders Sukhwinder to come forward to tie Rajeev's knot but Neeti announces that she wants Pari to tie the knot.

Pari ties Neeti and Rajeev’s knot when Neeti orders her to tie it extra tight so she and Rajeev never separate from each other.

With a happy smile, Pari tells Neeti that she knows Rajeev and Neeti will always stay together. 

Afterward, when Neeti and Rajeev stand up for the pheras, Neeti feels confused as she is unsure why Rajeev has kept his two wives in the Bajwa house and whom Rajeev loves more.

She even says in her mind that the "sindur" (vermillion) Pari wears daily is her property and Pari has taken it as a loan so she will take it back from her.

As Rajeev puts sindoor on her forehead, Neeti thinks if Pari returns her husband herself, she will not do anything otherwise she will ruin her.

Meanwhile, declaring Neeti and Rajeev husband-wife, the priest orders them to take blessing from the elders.

As Neet glances at the smiling faces of the Bajwa family, she feels disgusted since she has made the prejudice that everyone has betrayed her.

Afterward, when Neeti faces Pari, she sarcastically remarks that now she knows Pari has gone to extra lengths to help her always with a sneer.

As Neeti is about the reveal that she knows the truth angrily, Bebe comes forward and conjures up the lie that Neeti is excited to see what dance Pari has prepared for Neeti's wedding celebration.

This surprises Pari but she agrees to dance for Neeti's sake.

During the performance, one by one all the Bajwa family member joins Pari which bothers Neeti but when Sanju starts dancing with Neeti with a smile, Neeti gets filled with jealousy.

She suddenly comes in between Pari and Rajeev to dance and Sukwhinder drags her away to talk.

Inside the room, Sukwhinder orders Neeti to reveal what is bothering her as she can read Neeti's expression while Neeti just sobs silently.

After a while, Neeti reveals that Pari has backstabbed her by marrying Sanju but gets upset when she realizes that Sukwhinder does not look surprised.

On the other hand, Pari is walking toward Rajeev's room with a juice glass for his first night when Simmy orders her to stop.

Simmy mocks Pari for being the goddess of goodness since Pari has married off her husband to her best friend but Pari does not answer.

As Simmy walks away, Pari orders Chandrika to not worry about her anymore.

Back in the room, Bebe arrives in the room just then and blackmails Neeti saying that she is the only one who has not lied to her so Neeti should never behave rudely with her.

Meanwhile, Sukwhinder reveals to Neeti that she learned the truth just a few days ago and Pari made her swear that she will not tell Neeti the truth.

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