Parineeti 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Parineeti episode starts with Rakesh and Neeti deciding to execute their plan without informing Bebe.

Neeti asks Shaurya to do the short circuit while Rakesh decides to change his mind and kidnap Pari instead of killing her whereas the Bajwa family is surprised to see that no light is in the hospital.

Pammi becomes worried while Rajeev notices Rakesh, but he gets confused about whether he is thinking, or Rakesh is present over there.

After that, he goes to check and shows Rakesh’s photo to the nurse and asks if he came there or not after which the nurse tells him that he came there a few minutes ago which makes Rajeev anxious.

Rajeev asks her to tell but she does not recall while Neeti notices Rakesh kidnapping Pari and taking her away from there on stature which makes her confused, and she thinks about it.

On the other hand, Bebe also notices the weird behavior of Neeti and asks her to take her to the washroom as it is too dark so she will fall after which Neeti takes her to the washroom while Bebe stops her and holds her hand.

Neeti asks her why she is holding her hand after which Bebe tells her that she is doubting her while Neeti tries to hide her plan from her and she does not face her.

Then, Bebe turns Neeti around her and asks her to not lie and tell what is going on in her mind Neeti decides that she will not disclose her plan to Bebe, but she insists Neeti tell after which she discloses her plan to Bebe.

Neeti asks Bebe to not disclose her plan to anyone after which Bebe smirks and says that she won’t tell anyone, and she also tells Neeti that after Pari’s demise, Rajeev will become her husband forever.

Bebe hugs Neeti while she dreams about Rajeev and prays to God to do all the things in her favor while Rakesh is about to take Pari along with him, but he notices the doctor coming from the front after which he becomes anxious.

Rakesh thinks that his truth will come out of doctor will notice him while Rajeev also comes behind doctor and he notices Rakesh taking away Pari from there so he runs behind him and holds him from his neck.

Then, Rakesh anyhow manages to run away from there by fighting with Rajeev while Pari is about to fall but Rajeev saves Pari from falling and he calls a nurse and doctor to look after Pari.

The doctor asks the nurse to admit Pari to I.C.U. while the Bajwa family becomes tensed to see Pari in that condition and they ask Rajeev about it so he tells them about everything.

Pammi becomes anxious while Neeti again curses Pari whereas Rajeev tells Pammi that he is waiting for the doctor to check Pari so he can short out everything.

Bebe wonders what Rajeev is about to do while Pammi asks Rajeev about it so he tells her that he will do something important that he should have done earlier.

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