Parineeti 3rd November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd November 2022 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 3rd November 2022 episode starts with confused Neeti telling Gurpreet that Sanju is her husband and it is her in-laws’ house.

Shocked Gurpreet throws Pari and Rajeev’s wedding photos to Neeti who stares at the photos with disbelief.

While Neeti is looking through the pictures, Rajeev urges Neeti to believe him that he loves her not Pari.

Even Pari tries to convince Neeti to give Rajeev a chance and she will walk away from her life soon.

Hearing Rajeev’s words, Gurpreet slaps Rajeev hard on his cheek and yells that even though he has betrayed Pari, she still wants him happy.

Meanwhile, Gurinder comes forward and blames Pari for not being able to win Rajeev’s heart so Gurpreet should not talk to Rajeev like this.

She further compares Neeti with Pari and calls Pari inferior much to Gurpreet’s shock.

Neeti however orders Gurinder not to insult Pari and angry Gurinder walks away.

On one hand, Neeti questions Rajeev in an emotional voice about how he can break her friend’s heart; on the other hand, Gurpreet curses Rajeev that he will never be happy in his life.

However, due to the stress, Gurpreet falls on the floor while clenching her heart and Pari wakes up from her nightmare with a loud scream.

Pari then calls Gurpreet and lies that she misunderstood Rajeev.

She further urges Gurpreet not to come to Bajwa’s house as it is her first Diwali with Rajeev and Gurpreet happily agrees.

Later, Parminder praises Pari for making a beautiful rangoli and announces that she feels Pari will get all the happiness in the world after this Diwali.

Pari denies it but Parminder announces that she wants a happy life for Pari.

While hugging, Pari thinks she has got all the love in the world except Rajeev’s.

Chandrika also arrives there at the same time and she also tells Pari that this Diwali will bring new happiness for Pari.

Pari however only hopes to find a way out of Rajeev’s betrayal and start fresh.

While they are busy talking, Gurpreet and Harman arrive there and Pari gets shocked.

Pari even urges Gurpreet to leave when Gurpreet announces that she has come here to give Pari and Rajeev Diwali shagun.

After Harman and Gurpreet walk towards the Bajwa house, Pari whispers to Parminder that she cannot tell Gurpreet about Rajeev’s truth.

Looking at Gurpreet and Harman, the Bajwa family’s eyes widen in shock and Gurinder starts thinking if Gurpreet learns about Rajeev, her respect will be ruined in the village.

On the other hand, Simmy smirks while thinking Gurpreet’s arrival will create new trouble for Pari, Neeti, and Rajeev.

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