Parineeti 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd November 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 3rd November 2023 episode starts with Neeti stating that only she or Pari can stay in the house and walks away stating that if Pari won't leave, then she will.

Paminder shouts at Rajeev to go after her and he does as he watches Neeti pack her things into her bag.

He requests her not to leave when she angrily wipes away her tears as she tells him that she'll stay if he can make her lose all her memories.

She tells him to make her forget that he is with someone else other than her and that she can trust him to be only hers.

Rajeev stays silent while Neeti walks away from him.

In the hall, Parminder tries to convince Gurpreet to change Neeti's mind but Gurpreet asks her if she should tell Neeti to share her husband with Pari.

Pari states that she is not sharing Neeti's husband and cries while Chandrika states that they are arguing about things that cannot be changed.

Bebe tells her not to speak when things are not related to her when Neeti comes there with her luggage.

Pari and the family try to convince her to stay but she refuses, stating that until she sees Rajeev's face in front of her, she cannot forget the betrayal she has faced.

Just then, Rajeev comes there and states that neither Pari will go anywhere nor Neeti as he's the one leaving the house.

Neeti drags him away and argues with him, asking him if he thinks that he is doing something heroic.

She cries that he was the one who had fallen in love with her at first sight and that he was the one who had made her love him.

She talks about how she left her dreams for him and had only asked him to tell Pari to leave but he couldn't do that either.

Rajeev also cries, saying that he cannot let Pari go because their baby is in her womb and her mother is also in a coma.

He breaks down on the floor crying while Neeti holds him and tells him that she will let Pari stay but she has not yet forgiven her.

They leave while Pari and Chandrika, who have watched their interaction, go to the temple and pray to the lord that everything is fine between Pari and Neeti.

Chandrika hugs Pari asking her how can she bear all this while Pari tells her that it is not a question but a thought that should be in their minds only.

Further, Rajeev tells Neeti that they should tell the family that they are not going anywhere and she nods.

Just as she is about to slip, he holds her and tells her that he wanted to tell her that she looks beautiful and in his mind tells her to trust in him and his love.

Neeti also looks into his eyes wondering if she can trust that he will be there for her like this tomorrow too or if he will be gone to Pari.

In the hall, Gurpreet argues with the family stating that she knows Rajeev is blackmailing Neeti while Pari comes there to tell them.

However, Gurpreet silences her and tells the family to ask Pari if they don't believe it since Neeti always does what she focuses on.

Parminder tries to calm Gurpreet while Gurinder states that her son will not go anywhere.

She turns to ask Pari if she is satisfied now while Rajveer tells her to stop blaming Pari for everything.

Neeti comes there and tells the family that she is not going anywhere.

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