Parineeti 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Parineeti 3rd October 2023 Written Update: Pariniti written update

Today's Parineeti 3rd October 2023 episode starts with the doctor informing Pari, Sanju, and others that Gurpreet has gone into a coma due to the oxygen not reaching her brain for a long time.

Pari gets shocked and Bebe goes to talk to someone while the doctor tells Pari that only she can go inside and meet Gurpreet.

She goes inside while Neeti goes to the reception to fill out the formalities.

Bebe talks to the goon on call and tells Shambhu that he and his ally both are useless as they cannot even kill one girl.

The two ask for money and argue that it's not easy to kill a human while Bebe boasts about almost killing Gurpreet and disconnects the call.

As Bebe turns around, she is shocked to see Neeti there with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, inside the hospital, Pari cries hugging her mother's hand and cries saying how she should have returned home with her in the past.

Pari cries to her and tells her to not punish her this way while Gurpreet starts mumbling.

Hearing this, Pari shouts for the doctor and tells her that Gurpreet talked to her while the doctor checks and tells her that the patient is still in a coma.

She states that it must be a muscle spasm and leaves while Pari again starts crying to Gurpreet.

She says that she has become all alone again while Rajeev and Parminder come there and tell Pari that she is not alone.

Parminder tells Pari to not consider herself alone as she has her and hugs her while Sanju looks at them with guilty eyes.

Neeti on the other hand rebukes Bebe asking her how can be so cruel and cries how Gurpreet is her mother too.

Bebe rebukes her asking her how she is scolding her when Bebe was the one who opened Neeti's eyes to her husband and her best friend's eyes.

Neeti prays for Gurpreet's recovery and tells Bebe that she won't leave her if something happens to Gurpreet.

Bebe in turn answers her that she is not scared of Neeti and reveals how Gurpreet had overheard her conversation with Shambhu.

She tells neeti that she won't help her or take responsibility anymore and leaves from there.

Later, the family returns home and Parminder asks Pari and her sister to rest while they make something for her.

Pari numbly states that she wants nothing and goes to her room with her sister while Neeti looks on.

Rajeev looks at Neeti's woeful expression and wonders what they are thinking about.

Neeti goes to her room and cries while Bebe goes to Gurinder after watching Neeti and scolds her for caring too much about Gurpreet.

Gurinder states how she got a little emotional but states that she knows Neeti is her daughter-in-law but they have to bear Pari until Gurpreet is better.

In Pari's room, both sisters continue to cry silently recalling their moments with Gurpreet.

Parminder comes there with milk for them and watches Babli crying as she asks Neeti how will she live without Gurpreet by her side.

Parminder enters the room and wipes their tears telling them to not cry and talks about how Gurpreet would not want them to cry.

She tells the sister that she knows how to scold them too and tells them to drink but Pari refuses.

Rajeev comes there and convinces Pari to drink from his hands while Neeti watches it from the door.

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